Analog Four CV to Novation Peak

Hi. I would like to send CV from my A4 to a Novation Peak - what is the simplest way of doing this with a single cable? just a 1/4" TS to 3.5mm TS patch? Thanks.

You need a TRS 1/4" to mono 1/8" cables, or adapters…

Cabinet of Curiosities has a great video on youtube, how to setup A4 for sequencing with cv/gate.

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Great, thank you!

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Depends on if MK1 or MK2…

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I have the MK1


Mk1: 2x TRS outs
Mk2: 4x TS outs

So you need to split mk1 outs if you want to use both CV on each out. Mk2 is more convenient in this regard.

To OP, if you only need 2 CV signals from A4 mk1, you can perfectly use a TS jack in each of mk1 CV out.


Oh. yeah. Black out. :wink:

I wasn’t thinking so much of the cable, I guess.

Yes, just 2 CV outs for now is fine - this seems the easiest solution, i’ll test it out. Thanks!

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You’re not trying to use CV to control pitch are you? As far as I know it’s only used for modulation on Peak, and there’s only one CV input.

No, just for an extra modulation source as you say.

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Nice! Very fun.

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What benefits are there from using CV to the peak or moog?

Can someone explain what I can do with the CV track and why I would want to use it?

Can I plock things on the sequencer? if so how many modulations?
I honestly know nothing about it but I have a few things with CV what am I missing out on?

You can send voltages via 4 cables with the a4, which you can p-lock. Cv is only short pulses or longer constant voltage… what can be controlled with it is up to the device which receives it…

But a4 can send note values, lfos, clock and so on via cv… have a look at the manual, it is explained there too I think

Yes, you can p-lock anything on the CV tracks, you can use envelopes, you can use the LFOs. It basically gives you 4 CV outs with the envelopes + LFOs and the sequencer to play with.

If you have gear that can take CV just try it out with the A4, my A4 feeds CV to my Eurorack and even to the Control Ins of my AR to get more modulation in it.

Thanks man, but I still don’t understand fully,
what do you mean it gives you 4 CV outs with the envelopes and lfo and sequencer to play with?

Does this mean I can use the lfos and envelopes plus modulate other things like midi on the digitone for example?

I might have to check some videos on YouTube because I can only think of things as midi currently

Yeah, it is similar to midi, but think simpler.

For a note you can send a gate on one cv channel, that’s how long the note will play. And which pitch you have to send on another cv channel.

On the receiving device you have to plug the two cables into the right cv inputs aka gate and volt per octave (for pitch) for example…

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Yup, like MIDI but you don’t have to care about CCs, just plug into the jack you want the CV modulation to go into, can be your Eurorack, some pedal that supports CV, another synth with CV inputs, etc.

The BIGGEST difference to MIDI is that MIDI is limited to 8 bit of information (so only 0-127 as values), CV is analog, it’s just voltage and it can be increased or decreased with a much smoother curve than a “steppy” one like MIDI (as in, MIDI can output value 0, then 1, then 2, CV can do 0V then 0.001V then 0.002V and so on).

Check this out: An in-depth look at the Elektron Analog Four CV capabilities – Tic Tic


Thanks :+1: I will have a good read of it in the morning!