Analog Four CV to Novation Peak


Hi. I would like to send CV from my A4 to a Novation Peak - what is the simplest way of doing this with a single cable? just a 1/4" TS to 3.5mm TS patch? Thanks.


You need a TRS 1/4" to mono 1/8" cables, or adapters…

Cabinet of Curiosities has a great video on youtube, how to setup A4 for sequencing with cv/gate.


Great, thank you!


Depends on if MK1 or MK2…


I have the MK1




Mk1: 2x TRS outs
Mk2: 4x TS outs

So you need to split mk1 outs if you want to use both CV on each out. Mk2 is more convenient in this regard.

To OP, if you only need 2 CV signals from A4 mk1, you can perfectly use a TS jack in each of mk1 CV out.


Oh. yeah. Black out. :wink:

I wasn’t thinking so much of the cable, I guess.


Yes, just 2 CV outs for now is fine - this seems the easiest solution, i’ll test it out. Thanks!


You’re not trying to use CV to control pitch are you? As far as I know it’s only used for modulation on Peak, and there’s only one CV input.


No, just for an extra modulation source as you say.


Nice! Very fun.