Analog Four 1.50 & Analog Rytm 1.60

It’s very flexible in terms of what can be sent and received. Lots of information in the newly-released manuals.

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very happy about trig probability!

just gonna re-share this again OT Feature Requests Thread (active)



Stereo only. Check the Manual for all the details about the routing options for usb audio input as well. There’s some neat tricks up it’s sleeve but there are only two channels of I/O


Trig Conditions should work with trigless trigs. Try something very obvious like drastic pitch changes etc.


Any insight into the improved sample and project management? Easily the biggest pain about the RYTM. Just try moving a sample kit between projects. Torture

Do we know why A4 and AK dont get it, the factory content. Is it technical, cant think of a reason?

Can someone please answer?


What is bi-directional audio processing ???

You can add plugins in your daw and send back the audio to the track on the Rytm ?

Both directions, in and out.

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Presumably it means this:

Added the possibility to select/purge unused Sounds and samples from a project.

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what’s the ram amount and storage size on the rytm, and still no stereo samples right?

i did already … somewhere above [edit: another thread, you gotta work for these crumbs]

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I don’t know, but I would guess that it’s because the sound engine is slightly developed in the AF MkII compared to the Mk1 and AK resulting in backwards compatibility not being 100 % complete.

Thank you

I understand A4 and Ak dont get the new content, what I am asking is why not?

I can not think of a technical limitation

The A4mk2 has different engines to the A4mk1 and AK. Stuff to do with bass and distortion being tweaked. So the patterns wouldn’t sound the same on the older boxes.



Both MKI and MKII can load the same sound banks and patterns. So cant think of a reason. Just trying to understand

Thanks again


I knew MKII has and enhanced bass capabilities and better headroom.

Does that mean that if I buy a new MKii my MKI patterns wont work?


1 GB +Drive

Correct. This firmware update does not change the hardware specifications.


No, they will work, but might sound slightly different. So let’s say you added a lot of bass to a sound, then you might need to reduce that bass when played on a Mk2. Make sense?