Analog Four 1.35B & Analog Rytm 1.45B


Guys so what is the latest OS version for A4 wich works with Overbridge?


Shown here, 1.24c


The Analog Four OS Release notes show the following:

Analog Four/Keys OS 1.35B Release information

Elektron Music Machines

September 14, 2018


List of changes from OS 1.30B to 1.35


[MKII] Overbridge support added.


So if that’s correct, then A4 MKII should have Overbridge support already in this version?
Perhaps this is just for beta users?
Seems like it can’t be long now either way :wink:


@phasik Yes, Overbridge has been added to the USB-Menu. Everybody is now waiting for OB2.0 to be released :grinning::sunglasses:





So far I’m loving the Analog Four MKII and was easily able to set it up as an external instrument in Ableton. Sending MIDI & playing through analog outputs on a separate channel works & sounds great!

I’ve gotten to the point in my production workflow that I need to capture the A4’s audio output and “freeze” it down to a track in Ableton. Seems that the feature for using the A4 as a USB sound card input device is in Overbridge?

Is there any way to request access to be a Beta tester?


You can contact support I guess. The beta has been running a while already so maybe they’ll want more testers, idk!


Hello! I’d love to try upgrading and help testing out how the new OS runs on the old A4 mkI. Currently I’m a bit confused as to whether it’s wise to do this. It looks like I’d loose over bridge, which I could live with if it’s temporary. Any news on when the mkI will get OB capabilities back with new upgrade?

The thing is I could really use the clock sync via usb so I’m considering it even though I’d loose over bridge. Is anyone running A4 mkI (one) with the latest software that can comment on any other potential issues I might run into? Thanks to anyone reading who might be able to help!


The new Overbridge is still in beta, so if you updated your Mk1 you would definitely lose any way to work with the older (v1.x) version. I can’t make the decision for you but since Overbridge 2 doesn’t have a release date and we’ve been waiting over a year, in my opinion don’t mess with something that works.


So they just opened up the beta to the public! Been testing it out with Overbridge VST in Ableton, and it’s been working great.