Analog Four 1.35B & Analog Rytm 1.45B


That’s because it’s a zip archive and Windows cannot directly drag and drop archived files into other applications. When you copied the file to the desktop, it was automatically extracted from the archive.


so its still an archived file even after its unpacked?


List of changes from OS 1.30B to 1.35 Improvements

Increased the number of LFO speed snap values.

What is this guys ?
If someone can help me ?
What are Speed snaps ?


should be when the lfo is synced


Salut. When you press and turn lfo speed knob, it snaps to specific values like 8, 12, 16, 24, etc

Apparently more values. Can’t check I’m still on 1.23C


Oyé oyé l’ami !
This look not very different, so I will say this is a minor upgrade :wink:
Hope you enjoy your A4 ! No pb with new versions, upgrades seem to be interesting (for exemple with usb) but I know you don’t use usb with softwares if I am not wrong (I had some bugs in the past but I don’t know if know usb is more steady)

Keep in touch, thanks Sezare


If the results stay positive I might update my machines next week.


Stalled near the end of Upgrade at “Success Rebooting”.

Any help is appreciated.



So it’s safe to restart RYTM? I just left it at “Success Rebooting”


Never mind i did it. Thanks


Yeah, that message was from Olle, he works on the Elektron Mothership…
Glad it worked!


Upgraded AR mkII with no problems. Haven’t encountered or hunted bugs, but the update didn’t regress anything that I can tell so far


Updated my A4 mk I & AR mk I. No issues so far


Hi JuanSOLO, did you manage to get your Rytm working again?


RYTM is fine, it’s my A4 thats jacked up.
Got a support ticket in the works, gonna have to send it in.
It’s been unable to update for a while now, so my issue is not related to this update, I was just trying to update as a solution to my problem.


anyone found a sceensaver on the MK2?

Analog Rytm OS 1.45: bug discussion

It just dims the screen after 5 minutes


hi everyone, no one had any problem with OS 1.45B analog rytm MK1? Do you think I can install it or are I better to wait a little longer?
And if it is possible you can explain to me how to save my projects on my computer before upgrading?


it’s on page 60 of current manual

sysex dump > whole project

best to set Midi out to be via USB only for the duration of the exercise as it’ll be a bit quicker