Analog Drive to replace Boss DS-1 and TC Electronic Spark?


I’m hoping the Analog Drive will replace both the Boss DS-1 and the TC Electronic Spark Booster on my pedal board. I’m not hugely attached to either pedal so as long as the Drive can perform in roughly the same ball park as both pedals (not simultaneously I realise) then I’ll be satisfied.



I absolutely don’t regret my DS1 Japan. IIRC closest circuit is Focused Dist.
Clean Boost circuit replaces advantageously a booster.

AD is particularly noisy. Consider a noise gate if you don’t have one.
Analog Heat is better.

Thanks. Analog Heat doesn’t play so nicely with guitar and is of course spendy by comparison but sure, I’d prefer one of those! I do like the DS-1. Analog Drive is noisy? Gah. It’s just got cheap as chips now. About £153 in the UK.

I prefer AH for guitar with several circuits. Much less noisy.

Distortions are noisy anyway.

AD is a very good value for new prices.