Analog Drive power supply ( 12v 1A ) question!

I have a 1 Spot CS12 that has a 9v 800mA… I saw the Godlyke Iso-Pump Voltage to convert 9v into 12v? The problem is that this conveter has “only” 480 mA.

Is there any other alternative in other to use my power supply. I want to keep my pedalboard as neat as possible.


Screwed my head around this too. Wanted to feed the drive with my voodoo pedal power 2 plus, but the drive is center positive polarity, keep that in mind! Almost every guitar pedal is center negative, so you need a special cable with reversed polarity. Ended up with using the Elektron supply. At least it fits perfect on the front barrel of my pedal train board.

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I’d be interested to know if anyone has solved this without resorting to the Elektron power supply - are there any other options? Can the @Elektron support guys offer anything?

@Jgomez515 Truetone claim to support the use of the Analog Drive with that power supply (if you use the correct converter for plug/polarity). Are you using the CS12 with your Analog Drive successfully now?

If you are using a power supply that has isolated outputs (and I believe that Voodoo Lab’s products are among those), you can run two outputs in parallel with each other for more current. Just be sure you have the right output polarity :slight_smile:

As for the claim that just about every power supply has the same polarity, i’m skeptical—because Yamaha and Roland, two huge manufacturers, seem to use opposite polarity from each other.

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I am using a cioks ciokolate to power my AD. Works perfect.

Also, the manual says “Unit power consumption: 5 W, 400 mA typical”…so you should be ok? Just mind the polarity, as other stated! (the cioks has different colors for different polarities/types, dont know about yours).

Hi all. I’m in a similar boat - I’m very interested in getting hold of an Analog Drive but don’t have the desire (or space) for a second power supply on my board (I’m running a Diago Powerstation, which is daisy-chained).

I’ve also looked into the Godlyke ISO-pump (hard to come by in the UK, and as mentioned is max 480mA) and the Gig Rig Supanova (550mA). So if the 1A draw printed on the AD is to be believed, neither would work.

I’m therefore wondering if it’s feasible to come at it from the other direction, and use the AD’s power supply to run my other pedals? I.e. split the output from the Elektron PSU and use one of those 12v to 9v step-down adapters normally used in car installations to run a daisy-chain to my stomp boxes (wired for centre-negative obviously).

The PSU-3b is apparently 2A, so the ‘spare’ 1A should more than enough to to run my other pedals. Does that sound feasible, or am I missing any obvious issues with this approach?

Psu3b is not very big.
Messing with power supply and adapters can bring noise / hum.

AD is already noisy, I don’t want more noise.

I would go for isolated outputs - if you have more than a few pedals…hum and noise will be your friends otherwise. feasible for sure, though. As the manual says, 400mA will be enough (I was in contact with elektron support, they said the same), so it’s not that hard finding a good solution.

But, I must say, specs are quite confusing, one time it’s 1A, one time 400mA…

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I use the c12 and called Trutone. You just have to switch one of the 9v dips to 12v, then use the green polarity reverse cable attached to a regular cable plugged into the c12. Works great… Trutone said the output is much more than what’s listed on the box. The green head adapter cable is usually used for line 6 type of stuff, fits the EAD perfect.

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I know the pedal specs say 400mA typical, but 1A is peak. Does anyone know which modes/conditions will exceed the typical current listed?

I was thinking about getting a Strymon Ojai R30 to power my small board, but the current for the 12V output is 375mA…

I’m assuming you meant the Truetone CS12; do you use adapters to sum multiple 12V outputs? According to the specs, the 12V ports output 100mA, which doesn’t seem to be nearly enough to power the AD

I use a Voodoo Lab 4x4 to power some strymons and a analogue drive, but it requires a bit of swapping of cables to get it started up. Voodoo Lab supply the red tipped cable that reverses the polarity, and the 4x4 has 2 12v 400ma outputs. I am going to send a video of how I get it going, but it’s a bit weird, but works once on. Not sure it’s normal, but gets me through.

I have to have a strymon plugged into the 9v 400ma next to the 12v when powering up the 4x4, once on, I then move the strymon power cable to another output, as it makes noise otherwise, not sure it should. I have sent it back for repairs to look at it , twice (UK distributer) but it works. I will contact Voodoo Lab direct, perhaps its normal.

Would be interested if anyone else uses anything else with strymons (timeline, mobius) and an analogue drive from one supply, a Zuma?

From one Strymon Zuma power supply, I am successfully running the Analog Drive, Boss TU-3W, DynaComp, TorpedoCAB, Mobius, TimeLine, and BigSky. The Analog Drive is powered from one of the voltage selectable outlets set to 12V, and also using a Center Positive turn-around adapter.



The Strymon Zuma is expensive but it seems to have the grunt to run all of this so well worth it to loose eight wall wart power adapters!

I have an alternative “work around” solution that may not be exactly what you were thinking of, but it can still keep things “neat” with a couple of cable ties… I’m assuming that the overall goal here is ease of workflow - so you can just plug the whole pedalboard into 1 mains outlet, audio out into your amp (or whatever) and start playing ASAP without needing to worry about plugging any extra things in.

If your mainstay pedal power supply uses a size C13 IEC power plug like mine you can use this solution (I’m currently using a GigRig Generator).

You might have noticed that the Analog Drive’s power supply uses a size C7 (figure 8) IEC plug. Different size plug - but IEC all the same…

Well, you can easily buy online (on Ebay or otherwise) a Y-splitter cable that splits your C13 IEC to both one C13 plug and one C7 plug. (A simple google search for it will give you multiple results).

This way power can go to both your normal power supply and also to the Elektron power supply… You can plug it all in and permanently tie it all up neatly (including the Elektron Supply) with cable ties underneath your pedalboard and therefore still manage to have only one cord leading from your pedalboard to the nearest mains supply.

If it’s all underneath no-one will be the wiser and it all remains neat and tidy if you do it right!


Excellent suggestion!! Thanks for that…Just saved me a load of headaches (I was rethinking my PSU patch) Clever and simple!

Just set up my board with this:

its small, but packed with all the power supply features you need. switchable for 9 ( @ 66o ma), 12 ( @ 500 ma), 15 ( @ 400 ma), and 18 ( @ 33o ma) volts. Additionally they offer multiple connection configurations. Ive sold off all of my other powe supply units and cut my flyweight… :slight_smile:

bumping this, any issues? elektron states that average consumption is 400 ma and at 12v zuma only pumps out 375. was thinking of getting a coupler but i don’t want to lose that extra power slot, am maxed with my current pedalboard, eventually getting the ojai but wanted to wait as much as possible for that since i’m not planning to add any pedals soon and as soon as i have that extra unused power i know i’ll get the itch to buy more.
back to my question, “underpowering” the ad with 375 has not hurt your pedal?

It will definitely not hurt the pedal, but very likely your ears, brain & patience due to unstable operations.