Analog Drive for parallel distortion using mixer sends? Would this work?


In place of using the mixer send-return, try splitting the signal to two input channels, one 100% wet and the other dry.


One way to achieve parallel processing, could be to get a cheap tiptop eurorack powered rack frame and a cheap Multiple (or Mult) Module, that could give you up to 8 separate but parallel outs, for various processing, my favorite pedal for dialing in various levels and types of distortion (inc. low level battery!) is the EH Germanium Muff. I hope the was helpful Xalovi.


Hey I would love to hear a recording of a few drum loops ran through the overlord if you’re feeling generous? Or at least could you tell me if you think it would vlbe good for drum machines. I’m having the exact same conundrum where I just cannot remotely afford a heat and trying to work out how much I can do without stereo distortion. What do you think now? Do you still have it? Cheers!