Analog clock out


Is there a way to multiply the analog clock out of analog keys/four, thru cv outs. If I’m not mistaken, the slowest possible seems to be 16’th notes. It would be awesome if it was possible to send out a multiplied by 4x since dividers are plentiful in eurorack. Multiplication is kind of rare. I ordered a 4ms PEG, but its taking its sweet time to be built and shipped.



I think you mean divided.
You’ll need to divide the incoming clock from the A4/AK by 6 in order to clock your euro modules. I use the 4MS QCD for that (among other things!). As it stands now, the A4/AK doesn’t divide outgoing clock.


Hey, thanks for helping out.
hmm. What clock are you using? I set one of the four cv out as clock. I set the value to 1, which is the fastest possible. And it’ s 16th notes.
Sound like you are using midi-clock? 24 per quarternote. That might be the perfect solution for me, but i’m not sure how to get the midi-clock to ordinary clock pulse?


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Sorry, my mind wasn’t thinking straight.
After someone mentioned it in a thread here, I made my own DIN --> 3.5mm cable.

It was very easy…
pin 1 (I think?)= start stop, pin 3 = clock, 2 =ground

Really, if you’re just looking for a clock you can just use pin 3 and pin 2 as ground. I wanted start/stop for my metropolis so I added pin 1 (or 4, I forget!). I have 2 cables. One for clock and one for start/stop

It’ll cost you something like 4 bucks for the parts and 10 mins of your time :slight_smile:



For the A4/AK you don’t need any clock dividers :slight_smile:

A value of 1 gives me me a 1:1 clock. I run it direct into my metroplis and it syncs perfectly (and tells me the correct BPM).

I haven’t tried to modify the clock speed as I use my QCD for that :\ (it does have multiples of 4)


Awesome! Thanks.
Yeah, the clock (cv outs) syncs perfectly for me as well. I"ll definently make one of those DIN-sync to 3,5mm cables. I recently bought some sequencing modules from Ladik, and an undivided DIN-sync will make for a great combo with Ladik s-050 and s-180 for ratcheting sequences.

Like this:

I have about 9 unused DIN-sync outputs between the AK, AR and innerclock sync gen 2. So I’ll 2 of those.
It will free up the PEG for more interesting duties. :slight_smile:


using the cv outs to get pulses slower or faster (than trig 1/16th rate) is a piece of cake, there’s a number of ways, e.g. using an synced LFO with value lin and the built in modes too - i wish the sync24 was divisible in the box to use the midi port for 5v pulses


Thanks. That worked pretty well.



Here’s a thing…slightly different topic but how is A4 clock speed at CV out set up? Can the clock out speed vary from pattern to pattern?

I have CV output D going to Moog DFAM.

Sometimes the DFAM runs at 1 step per bar, sometimes 2 steps per bar and then 4 steps per bar.
This is with different A4 patterns but they’re all running at same tempo.