Analog 4 MK2 pattern launch question, Ableton style?

I recently bought A4 and as i’m discovering how it works i’m really starting to love it.

I have a question about how patterns launch.

Currently, when I launch the next programmed pattern using the trig buttons, ALL FOUR TRACKS JUMP to their next pattern.
I’d like to unlink this behaviour so i can launch any pattern over any other, mixing different patterns from different tracks, like in Ableton.

Surly this is possible ?



That’s not how the A4 works. Each pattern holds four (six!) tracks. You can’t play select tracks from different patterns at the same time.


Noooo!!! my heart breaks, ah well just have to work around it

Don’t “work around” it.

Learn how your newly acquired instrument works. Instead of trying to mimic another instrument.

Maybe with mute track, copy, change pattern, paste track, unmute, reload saved track…