Analog 4 MK2 knobs control two parameters at once


Hey guys,

Quick question here. Sometimes when I tweak a certain parameter on my A4, say for example the filter, and then after that tweak another parameter like an lfo, then as I am tweaking the lfo, it will automatically adjust the filter to the same level as the lfo and change its values exactly in the same way as I am changing the lfo. Which basically means that one knob is effectively tweaking two parameters. This can be quite annoying when trying to design sounds.

Has anybody encoutered that problem and found a way to fix it ?

Thanks a lot guys!


Perhaps you have some MIDI messages going out and coming in that you don’t expect. Does the same thing happen if MIDI IN and USB are disconnected?

Do you see the knob graphics move? (P-locks don’t cause the graphic to change, but MIDI messages do)

Are you running the latest OS?


Agreed, it’s either MIDI or unfortunately a faulty unit…


Thanks guys I think you might be right ! Doesn’t seem to have this problem when not plugged into ableton.

Any ideas why there might be unwanted MIDI messages coming in and how I could fix it ? I’ve had the same issue with other synths where ableton kinda locks certain parameters to a certain value.


Easiest way for now is to go to the MIDI CONFIG/MIDI PORT CONFIG menu and uncheck “receive CC/NRPN”… This will make the A4 not respond to midi CC, later you can turn it back on when you have an idea that would use it.

While your in that menu I’d also set Encoder, Keyboard, and Mute Destinations to “Int”. This will make the A4 not send out midi, in case somehow ableton is echoing it back, and just so it doesn’t end up doing other unwanted stuff. I’d also uncheck "receive notes " for now until you need that feature…

This should set you straight for A4, but you’ll still probably want to figure out what was happening with ableton so it doesn’t happen on other synths… Not an ableton user myself so don’t have much to say about that…


Ok, will have a try at all that ! Thanks :slight_smile:


Just to be clear: you are not talking about performance mode aren’t you?? (being in performance mode by accident?)

Because there up to 5 (otherwise completely unrelated) parameters can be assigned to a single knob and when you move this knob these assigned parameters change all at once.


Occasionally, I’ll go to reset the fine tune with “func + fin” and the “tun” knob will also snap to 0.

I never once thought this could be a hardware issue, so I didn’t fuss; thinking a firmware update would fix it eventually. I just try my best to remember to never “func + fin” when I’ve set the “tun” knob where I like.