Analog 4 mk1 vs Minilogue xd module

help a noob out

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I have both and Id say bang for your buck the A4 gives you more in terms of versatility, tracks, better sequencing. I do love the Minilogue tho, its got a more instant feel and is great fun from a tactile knob twisting pov.


Actually you can read this from the noob stand-point and say the ml is easier to get started with.

You can’t loose either way. Also agent squared you have enough on the ball to pick two synths of the same caliber. (So often the question is posed between two night and day choices.)

The ml xd has the digital parts too.


how about the sound ?

the hands on controls are definitely a plus as well as the multiengine which intrigues me since I am mostly making electro stuff… well let me ask you a day and night question from a noobs perspective then, will I be able to make the mlxd sound like waldorf pulse (the old one)?

Its hard to find many videos showing the bass side of the xd (and I wouldn’t want to go for a mono, don’t want to give up on the versatility of the xd)

I think if you are new to using hardware synths then the minilogue is a great first synth, well laid out, certainly suitable for producing electro.

Presumably seeing you are on elektronauts you have an idea around the depth that elektron boxes have and if you are thy type of person who has reasonable patience and a longer term desire to understand elektron workflows then I don’t think you will be disappointed with the A4… however it does take more knowledge of the device to dial in the type of sounds you are likely to want…

Whereas the Minilogue, you’ll probably get a more immediate feel.

You then have overbridge as another plus for A4. However there are also some nice VST editors for the Minilogue around.

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I own both and agree that the Minilogue XD is a great first synth. And pretty easy to grasp whether you’re new to sound design or experienced. It sounds phenomenal and the digital oscillator lets you get some very unique timbres. It’s great for lush pads and aggressive basslines.

The A4 is seriously unique and versatile, though. It takes a long time for it to fully wrap your head around… almost two years later I’m still discovering crazy tricks and features. But for the price, you’re basically getting 4 powerful monosynths, a CV sequencer, an FX processor for external audio, and the ability to keep your compositions and kits saved together in projects.

It also gives you individual output jacks for those channels (if you use a physical mixer), multitrack recording and patch editing with Overbridge, and amazing performance macro controls if you want to use it live.

A minilogue has 4 voices but you’re getting one patch at a time that can play up to four notes at once. The A4 gives you four voices that you can allocate how you wish… 4 monosynths, one sound stacked in unison, or a polysynth.

And with the Minilogue, it does have a simple sequencer but it’s extremely limited compared to the crazy powerful Elektron sequencer.