Analog 4 MK1 sticky knob issue

Hi folks,

I have noticed that my beloved A4 MK1 is experiencing some issues which I can best describe as stickyness of knobs. What happens is that I rotate the knob slowly and it seems that the value on the screen is stuck to one, not moving in the expected direction and sometimes wobbling around the value even going backwards. If I press and turn for large increments it seems to work as expected. Also if I turn the knob really slowly without pressing it works more or less as expected.
It is a 6-year old machine by now, no warranty. I have not been throwing around the unit, and besides a scratch on the screen it got early on, it’s been taken care of well always with the plastic cover, or at least it’s not been messed with.
Has anyone any good suggestion of a fix for this before I speak with the service people at elektron? Not looking forward to having to pay hundreds of pounds for shipping to sweden and servicing so if there is some obvious solution, it would be quite helpful to know.
Here is a video which hopefully kind of illustrates the issue, sorry for my poor filming skills…


I have the same issue on one of my A4 encoders. I’ve read in some other threads that the solution is to send it to Elektron so they can replace the encoders. Either that or have Elektron send the parts, and have a tech do the work locally if you have someone you trust. Would be curious to know how you go about. If you send it, or order the parts, what the timeframe is, and if you have a local tech do it, how simple/complicated did the job end up being?

Thanks for your reply. I will eventually send it to Elektron, and will update the topic.

I’ve seen this issue, the machine needs professional servicing unfortunately.