Analog 4 mk1 kits not saving, changing when switching pattern

I’m sure this is probably a really simple fix. When I switch patterns, and then switch back the first pattern kit is totally different. What is happening? I’d like the kits to stay the same as when I left the pattern. Happens even when I switch to a pattern in the same bank


Are both patterns using the same kit? Because then any changes to the kit will be shared by both patterns.

…saving kits…is not saving patterns…and vice versa…two separate things…

I’ve learned that within a project every pattern includes only a “pointer” to a single kit.
=> Different patterns can point to different kits or the same kit…

If I switch to a new pattern there will be no autosave of the last unsaved changes of the kit associated with the old pattern.
So saving a kit prior to changing the pattern can be vital.