Analog 4 firmware is incompatible overbridge?

just got the analog four mk2,

having troubles getting started with overbridge firmware 1.35b
what firmware should i be using?

the latest firmware on the elektron site?

yeah thats what im using…
1.35b that i got from the website

and latest OB, computer with at least 8gb ram, computer configured to audio specs, global settings in A4 set to USB midi only etc? you know the drill :slight_smile: ? Ob is somewhere around 2.0.16 or 17? You can find it in the forum here

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im running latest OB with analog rytm mk2 functioning properly…
might try reinstall firmware on A4

Can you explain what’s happening?

when i turn on analog 4 a pop up says firmware incompatable please upgrade to suitable version
sound is going to overbridge control panel but when i load the vst into ableton im not able to route the sound like the analog rytm

ive sent a ticket something seems to be wrong

If you are talking about Overbridge BETA you’ll need the OS version listed in the Overbridge BETA thread.

If you try to get the old Overbridge running: the A4 MK2 was never compatible with it.


Thanks I’ll check this out

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was seriously tired when trying to set it up

Thanks, that was the problem!

…Cheers Dan