Analog 4 complete backup? how?

how i can backup the whole analog 4? via USB is not possible yet, no?
so then with C6 and a midiinterface like a mididump, like MD & MM
but i just see everything seperatly since the last upate to 1.1 , like backup the pattern, project, samples and kits… but i just want my complete backup back.


Theoretically it’s -> Function+Global -> Sysex Dump -> Project/All Globals (whichever you want), but I still haven’t been able to do this myself, because C6 keeps returning broken globals.

C6 has been a bit of an annoyance on these forums for a while, and we’re all waiting patiently for an upgrade to it or some other way of doing a backup.

thank you daisuk. ah ok understand… no one has a complete backup right now?! then lets wait for the update.
cheers martin

so that means, its just working with the midiinterface and C6. hopefully with the next update of the analog 4 we can make the backup via usb.

You can try these other tools if C6 doesn’t work for you. At least try C6 and the others before not trying!

Edit: I’ve used C6 with no trouble in Snow Leopard.

cool thank you udenjoe. i´ll check it out

The answer someone gave me to this question here seems to be the most complete way at the moment, but there is no way to back up everything at once.