Analog 4 as 'brain' for beginner(ish)


Digitone is an amazing synthesis machine. It’s a hybrid FM+subtractive synth, with a few extra tricks thrown in like harmonics on the waves for more complex initial oscillators. It excels at IDM, imo; it can do lush/warm, precise/tight, and aggressive sounds all at once. Good for emulating LP5-era Autechre, imo.

It has 8-note polyphony across 4 tracks, which may not seem to be enough, but sound locks can be exploited in such a way that you can have up to three sounds virtually playing on one step in a track, so for example, you could put all of your drum sounds on one track, with a bit of smart sequencing. I made a video about it.


what @pselodux said…

It has a sound that reminds often of mid 90s Warp sound.
It’s great for BOC/Aphex Pad sounds, Autechre like drums and strange melodic sounds. I made some videos with the digitone, and some people commented it reminded them of plaid.


Wow!! Great comments. I’ll watch that video.

Would the DN offer more than just FM because for $750 a FM only seems steep. Yes it does drums, but only 4 tracks. I’ll have to be creative. I need to research more.

So many options ahah. But I’m glad everyone mentioned the DN. Because it does have more of the sound I want!!


I think you should stop to overthink it at this point. I recommend to try out one of the mentioned elektron boxes, to experience the workflow and understand better, what all those p-locks, soundlocks and other sequencer features actually mean :wink:

ps: if you want to see/hear what „only“ 4 tracks can sound like, check some videos with the factory patterns of digitone for example…


Good point. Thanks.


Yeah, it has a resonant filter, so you can use the FM section to create a rich wave that you can carve with the filter. It is primarily an FM synth, but it’s definitely possible to get away from typical FM sounds once you spend a bit of time with it. I think it’d pair well with the BS2 actually.