An Introduction plus New OT Owner

Hello everyone! First-time poster, long time reader. Just acquired the OT last week and have been having a blast, although, head-scratching at times, but I seem to be getting the hang of it so far. This is my first experience with a Sampler and I hope to use this forum as just another part of my education through other people’s experiences not only using gear but hope to play live in the future someday. I have a long way to go before that happens.

Some things I plan to learn are as follows:

  1. Playing the Keyboard
  2. Sound Design
  3. Using Hardware w/ minimal use of DAWs
  4. Workflows

My 2-year goal as far as acquiring more hardware is currently the OP-1 and/or Novation Peak and Waldorf Blofeld.

As I am new here, please forgive me for any stupid questions I might have. In the end, I dream of making and playing great music not only for myself but for everyone and look forward to learning from other members here that have a passion for all genres of EDM.

I look forward to being a contributing member of this awesome community of artists and music lovers.



Welcome. Check this.


I like this idea! So far I’ve been using just the preset sounds, but recently ventured on Youtube with my iPhone hooked up to the OT. Definitely going to experiment with using just 1 sample for 8 tracks.

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Welcome aboard, OT can be a headstratcher, but so capable and constantly new things to try. it is the gift that keeps on giving.


When using 1 sample with multiple tracks make sure you use different sample slots, because changes you make in the audio editor like start/end/loop points or slices are stored in the sample slot itself. When using just one slot you wouldn’t be able to have different settings on different tracks.


Tnussb, Noted. Thank you for the tip. I was actually wondering about that aspect. So essentially for each sample slot, I go back into the audio pool and select the same sample.

Which leads me to a question. What would you suggest I use as a sample whether from a preset or homemade? Kick, Drum, Snare, HiHat, Perc, Bass, etc. Thank you for your insight.


You can make sample chains, (per category or drumkits) and control them with slices.

Octachainer is a very useful software tool to make slices of different length.
You can also make your own sample chains in Octatrack, using sample locks : hold a trig, turn level knob to choose you sample. Resample. Slice.