An interview with Mr Dataline


Me and @Dataline did a presentation at Sonar this past weekend. I managed to snag some of his time to also make an interview about workflow, production and live performance.

Fun times!


Great interview - too much leg.

Edit: though less than your “when inspiration strikes” video so progress at least :+1:t3:


Leg it iz :slight_smile:


You know you love our sculpted calves. Can’t have enough!


At least both of you did not skip leg day. Stay strong!
Cool interview btw.


Whats not to like about Swedish Jägermeister legs?


Great interview - gave me a lot of clues how to use my gear!


nice one


Yeah…Thanx. This is great.


Well done kompis! Thx for this one & for our own conversation the other day. I sent my copy to the newspaper today, and i’m going to write a blog post in english later this week.


Nice interview, interesting stuff for sure… I feel like people often forget when using more gear you have to use each piece for more focused functions. Like mostly using octatrack as a preformance mixer. Has anyone tried the roland performance mixer? I think it’s called the mx1


oh wow… this looks really interesting for sure! Would love to see one from elektron though - with internal multitrack recording and OB-ready.


All the comments about the legs, but none about the ass. I rather like that they did this behind the sculpture. Haha. :innocent:


leggy bois.


Nice one. Thanks!


Great stuff. Seems like Cenk is operating is a mixer free setup. How do you think he routing the Eurorack audio back to the Octatrack if the Digitakt+Rytm and Digitone are occupying the inputs? I’m assuming Digitakt + Rytm are going though one set (AB) and Digitone is going through the other (CD).

The only possibility I can think of would be to send the effects back into the vacant Digitone inputs. Does that make sense?


Sorry for bumping the old thread. Cenk’s rack just got my attention and decided to recreate on modular grid.

(I’ve put power and mixer from befaco since he was so happy with befaco stuff)


You need to add the chopping kinky, rampage and befaco vco.