An hour and a half of making a drone piece from scratch on the Digitone

The levels of near-fatal self-indulgence are not lost on me, but I’ve been asked a few times about my workflow so this was a video I’ve wanted to make for a while.

It goes from an empty pattern with init patches to a finished piece. It’s…a long video by any measure, but at least, for most of it, there’s an extremely chilled soundtrack coming together!


Man… that through a big sky shimmer would be epic. Great video…

‘Twas about to go to bed, but saw this and decided to grab my headphones and lay in bed. Well, on the couch…my cat just broke a glass in the bedroom and I’m too tired to clean it up adequately. So, I could use some chill, haha. Looking forward to some digitone tips outside my norm to try out on my digikeys!

Thanks for all the effort.


I hope both you and your cat you find your chill!

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He has NO chill :rofl:. By the way, this is great. Quite relaxing. Thanks again!

EDIT: I’m laying here coming up with all sorts of ideas.

Now that we have class compliance this new app may get you close. I’m going to get it and check it out.

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I bought this yesterday and really dig it! Class compliance is SUCH a cool feature now, outrageous! :slight_smile:

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I was watching this just a minute ago, too slow for me, but still a nice video., very useful for a lot of people I would think.

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Loved this. Many thanks!

Only problem now is I really want a digitone to go with my new digitakt. :flushed: have a subharmonicon but just can’t get on with the sequencer… this is all getting very expensive. I only got into all of this in may.


Oh man, I really want a subharmonicon and have a spare DN I have to sell like yesterday. That would be such a great trade…but, sadly, since it’s 2020, it’s going towards rent. :joy: This was a really great video, though. Definitely inspired some DNK ideas for me!

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Man this is above and beyond - you’ve really elevated yourself with this vid. One of the best music tech videos I’ve seen, I can just fall sleep to it with your chill voice over the top and learn in my dreams.


good luck.
but seriously. if you buy a DN, which you should…you’d be set for quite a while with the two.

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Thanks so much! I was really worried that people wouldn’t enjoy such a long form video, but it’s definitely become one of my most enjoyed videos of recent times. So pleased that people have connected with it!


Well I just ordered a Digitone… It was this video that made me look into them and realise it’ll do everything I have in my head! Also found some Jogging house YT videos that helped too.

More long videos please :slight_smile: Many thanks!


You got great communication skills. Your way of describing things reaches a lot of people. You also have a very soothing and enthusiastic Voice. You are an excellent teacher.


Will insta watch future videos, long and short. I was already subbed + the bell, but this last one was just full of little bits of inspiration. I like longform videos because sometimes techniques we do often (because they work so well for us) aren’t always the things folks set out to show, nor explain why.

Also, I like (with fast forwarded past redundant parts like you did) real-time videos by people comfortable with their gear, because…it’s just mainlined tips, tricks, + tried and true techniques! I especially appreciate how they keep moving forward, just like your ‘everything must always Be moving’ rule! I can always rewind 30 seconds if I missed something, but it’s always rewarding and useful to watch how talented and knowledgeable people get down and work.

Personally, I’d watch hours of DN sound design videos if they existed, @Eaves has a few great ones, but I’m always hoping more will appear on YouTube. I feel like 10 years from now, I’ll still be learning more ways to bend the DN to my will; there’s just so many approaches and countless combinations possible.

For such a versatile instrument, along with the mystique of FM and countless possible LFO uses (not to mention how with loop back or a DT or OT, it’s easy to keep adding more and more LFOs if you’re get bored!), there’s not nearly enough Digitone sound design videos for my tastes.

Sure, the basics have have covered 100 times over, but that’s mostly just the same info from reading the manual and exploring the controls…the really special bits are in these kind of real world walk-throughs. I love them…so, thanks again!