Amp envelope not recording

This may be a newbie problem but I can’t seem to get the AMP settings to stick when real-time recording.

I can hear my amp settings (ATK: 0, HOLD : INF, REL: 75) when I preview the samples, pressing the trig buttons in Tracks, Chromatic, or Slots mode, etc. All of that sounds great. But as soon as I hear the recording played back (after real-time record), the trigs play the sample back at full length, as if there is no envelope applied (like when you play back the sample in Trim on Edit mode.

Any help is much appreciated!

I have a feeling this may be due to having long samples and OT not recording note length on audio tracks. Is it true you can’t record the length in real-time?

Sad news for you. The note length doesn’t record in live recording mode. I find it very frustrating as well. You have manually enter the values after the fact.

Weirdly, the note lengths DO record on the MIDI sequencer. Go figure.

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I’ve just realised this… since I’m starting to use a midi keyboard more now :slightly_frowning_face:

@DanJamesAUS I found a workaround with a midi processor.
I mapped a HOLD = min message to notes off message. It stops the note recording a trigless with HOLD = min. Set default to INF.
IIRC you have to map a HOLD = INF message to note on.

I read someone using another trick : he plays another note at the end, change its values after.


Thanks!.. all good though I also have the digitakt so decided to use that instead for this type of task…

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