Ambient/Drone with the DT?


Beautiful…! I hear big sky or shimmer there somewhere. really nice work…and arround 5 minute when you pitch the delay it really messes with you…


hehe it’s Digitakt’s reverb! with a really long decay…
the delay effect you mention it’s actually a super slow lfo on pitch with a really tiny value (as far as I remember)
thanks for listening :slight_smile:
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lately I’m doing a lot of experiments: I use the digitakt as a pure synth, so that the channels 1-8 each patterns become sound presets. then I run it thru my pedalboard, and loop all the sounds. In this setup I barely use the sequencer. Digitakt is such a powerful machine!
I’m also considering to get an Arturia Keypstep. Do anybody here already try to control 2 tracks at once: one with the keystep (or other midi keyboard) and a second one with the Digitakt chormatic mode?


With the Keystep, you can launch the sequencer on one channel, and then play the keys on another channel, at the same time. You can also play the Digitakt chromatic mode on another track.


Great, thank you for the clarification.


Digitakt sent thru some effect pedals and then looped with a EHX 720! No sequencer, I’m using the DT only as a pure synth/sound generator.


From one my last live ambient guitar sets, with the Digitakt used as a pure synth (no sequencer, all the sound were looped with a Pigtronix Infinity)


I enjoyed this a lot. What pedal are you using for reverb?


Zoom MS70/100 Multistomp and Meris Mercury 7, plus a Strymon Timeline for delays


Here a new video: all done using the DT as a synth, going thru my pedalboard and a looper at the end of the chain.


I think the lfo syncs with the tracks bpm and not the scale, like if I’m at 170 and I went to 1/2x it would behave appropriately for a 170bpm


Digitakt played thru some distortion and octaver pedals, then looped with a EHX720. Enjoy and turn on your subwoofers.


More live ambient drones with the Digitakt (and baritone guitars):




Thank you!