Am I the only one? [Machinedrum love]

You should be more respectable about your ex… :smile:


She was a bitch oftenly, but I respect her a lot of course!
I tried my best. At the end, I still find OT possibilities better starting from nothing, sampling, like noise, guitar… Sorry for MD lovers, I began with OT.
Digitone obviously beats MD for FM. :slight_smile:

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The MD (the UW in particular) is truly a special machine, one that really is a true classic. I’ve bought one as soon as they were first released (my first one died a week after I received it funny enough lol! , but Elektron replaced it quickly) within a year and a half my best friend got his, we’d spend months sharing patches and ideas, and tricks…then we were doing shows, 35 to 45 minute sets with just one MD each. I’ve own 4 over the years (my current one I’ve had for 6 years, black faceplate UW), I own a digitone, digitone keys, digitakt, analog heat, two octatrack mkii, and two sidstations (one ninja, one standard) and I can honestly say I still after 16 years still find new inspiration in my MD. I hit a massive writing block about 8 months ago, I just couldn’t seem to get it together, even with all the great kit I have, so I stopped writing for about 4 months, then out of no where inspiration struck me…I didnt feel like a multi machine deep dive, so I busted out my MD UW, for the next two weeks I started developing MD break beat kits, patterns and techniques (midi slicing in song mode to create complex breaks) Of which I’ve never done with the MD before, this led to translating those techniques to the rest of my Elektron kit…I’ve owned many synth/drum machines etc, and I couldn’t be more happy with my more recent generation of Elektron kit that I rely on…but I couldn’t imagine not having my MD UW. Yes you can use the current dark trinity to do similar things, sampling, a more advanced fm synth engine work etc etc, but the MD have a unique sound indicative of its time, and now that time has pasted, that sound to my ears at least, gives the MD a small advantage, it really doesn’t sound like anything made currently or even like anything before it. Like all Elektron kit, it’s about how you approach it (the Octatrack especially)…and believe me you can push the MD into some places that you never would of imagined, its all in about how you imagine it. If anyone is thinking about purchasing one, I highly recommend pulling the trigger on that purchase. it may not have all the bells and whistles of the current iteration of the elektron sequencers, or the most pristine synthesis engine, but the MD is a true classic, it has proved itself well beyond It’s years, not many machines have been able to accomplish such a feat, especially in the last 20 years. If you have one, it’ll give what you put into it, if you sell it, you’ll miss it and buy another one, real talk lol!.


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I must say … Just rebought my 3rd MD, ran it through my Analog heat Mk2 , into an SSL buss style comp … ooooph … heavy :sunglasses:
That’s the last time I sell my MD !


FYI, I moved all the discussion regarding @switchbox’s MD M4L controller here:

GOh of course… midi Slicing is quite a simple technique similar to beat mashing or chopping breaks. Basically you take a group of patterns and then select one ( ex. Row 000: A01, 64 step pattern) this will be your only pattern for right now, for your next row (ex. Row 001: loop) your previous row x amount of time you think you may need to scrub your pattern…so now you’ll focus on the next section of your song mode
Repetition /offset/length (rep/of/ln). So pattern A01 will be:

  • /0/64
    but you want to scrub it very much like using a sampler to edit a break ( think of your offset/length as a samples start and end points. So you’re going to “work” your pattern back and forth:
    -/2/3…etc etc, all the combinations there of within 1-64 also 64-1
    This is scrubing. Now to quicken the process you can set up multiple Rows of the same pattern so that when you find various edits you like, they can play consecutively in a desired fashion of your choosing
    (Ex. Row/pattern/rep/of/ln
    Etc etc, *I personally find it useful to have a pad of paper to right down your pattern and edit combinations for that said pattern
    So you’ve scrubbed your pattern and now for the next step, which is to add more patterns (either scrub them separately or consecutively, what ever works best for you, separately is great for taking notes etc, consecutively for jamming, writing or just to figure out what edits will work together (figure out the compatibility relationships of your cuts/slices)
    I think you can see where this is going…the midi slicing premise is that you now are going to take your different multiple patterns and edits of those and combine them (*not in a traditional song mode approach but more in a tracker sequencer like approach). Your pattern edits are now *cuts/slices that you’ll now be re-sequencing.
    This like I stated before is very similar to editing breaks with old samplers, making new loops, pulling hits etc. the real fun is adding mutes, bpm changes, using the repetition amount as a “retrig”, creating “mega breaks” from your patterns. Patterns that vary from each other in length, sound variation, or sound similarity will all work great with usually unexpected but interesting results. (midi slicing) enables you to extend the potential and usefulness of your patterns, but also to reinterpret (slice)your patterns rhythms, sounds, etc in about any combination you can think of.
  • I should note that as you start developing more complex arrangements, sequences, cuts/slices etc from multiple patterns, it’s wise to either write down or start a screen pic library of your edit values for said patterns, this will help you further down the road with your song or re using cuts in multiple songs … trust me, it’ll save you a lot of time when reworking a song or writing a new one with events of one prior

thank u… I was thinking of opening a separate thread for this aswell.
cheers, nik

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Thanks for the explanation. Will take me a while to digest that one, but will experiment next week.
I’ve still got my hot bank holiday carnival head on :crazy_face:

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you’ll dig it, it’s a different way of approaching song mode, taking classic sampler techniques applying them to the internal engine and external midi devices…it’s more or a classic “tracker” approach as far as resequencing your edits. I’ve recently acquired a second octatrack mkii so that I can have two different arrangement sequencers, one octatrack for rhythm, beats etc, and the second for bass and synths, utilizing some of the midi slicing techniques, independent arrangement sequencing but totally in time. It’s been a huge inspiration to how I approach writing with elektron sequencers…hopefully it may inspire you too, cheers

(thanks for moving my thread into here… didn´t know this exists…)

i also just wanted to express my love for the machinedrum. (just got one since some months…)
its working so unbelivable great with eurroack, its a dream!
the triggers i sent from the single outs are hot enough for eurorack.
the workflow is magic. (frim the machinedrum in general)
love it.
thats all:-)


Sorry to put it here, I love MD in theory. Want to understand something.

Can some of the MD owners tell me -
Is it possible to

  • change routing of voices by MIDI?
  • send the voice into two channels?
    Basically to organise que and pre listen channels before play them. Thank you))

Not with my MD right now but…

Answer to first question is no (as far as I know).
Second one is also not possible, but you can of course double the track (i.e. Copy paste) and route it to two different outputs.

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Understood. Thank you)

Complementary to @pmoldzio’s comment, don’t forget you can link two tracks so that they get trigged together.


Thank you!

You can adjust the voice routing via SYSEX (MIDI).
MegaCommand does this to facilitate audio-queue / pre listening as you’ve described.

Can’t send the audio to two channels.


Thank you
Two channels not really needed.
But que prelistening would be great to have.

Didn’t know that, pretty cool :blush:

I’ve been wanting a MDUW for years now, and somehow I never listened to myself and always got other things instead… Now, I finally got one a few days ago, and I just… ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I can’t believe how good it is, how good it sounds, how fun it is! We clicked immediately! it feels natural and easy to me, somehow, way more than the Digitakt, which is supposed to be easier!

Now what do I do with my Digitakt? I hate sampling drum sounds, I like having them onboard already, but I do like experimental sampling though… Do I still need it?