Am I the only one? [Machinedrum love]

Wet surgery? :wink:

I see love, mostly.

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I can understand THE THING analOgy, but isn’t it a strange love affair? :smile:
Precising @waftlord, interesting kind of wet sounds, forgetting the picture!

Best drum machine ever
Traded my 909 for a 6wk old uw 11 years ago
Best decision I made musically
Will never get rid
Control all still shocks the shit out of me everytime even with patterns I am fully happy with
This will be sought after now out of production


Its my desert island instrument!

A lot of things have come and gone but the Machinedrum is permanent… Still getting good stuff out of it after 10 years. Old UW, no +drive … sharp corners! Beautiful.

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the CTR ALL is the MDs thing

having a great time recently making not beats with it


Apparently! :slight_smile:
Did you use feedback? (feedback sound at the end).

going through a desk, so some rsd-10 and reverb aux send fuckery bound to happen


my dumb ass just bought a second md. :expressionless: this one is mainly as a dedicated sample mangler which will be permanently attached to two of the aux sends on my mackie 32x8. I think I will get some good mileage out of it i hope.


Soooooo far from dumb. Dare i say…GENIUS heh :slight_smile:

Did you try Octatrack?

I owned one multiple times. I actually like the sample on the md a bit more even though its not as capable. Plus Im actually productive using the md and I never was with the octatrack. shrug


I find the md such a toolbox of exploration that I now use 32 channels of its goodness. Layering (with panning) really gives it something extra. The UW resampling is my other favourite feature. Essential to my jams. If there is anything I would love to see elektron do in the future, it’s an expanded updated version of their (imho) flagship product. I suspect that is a pipe dream though unless another company carries the torch, and the md will become even more so a desirable, inimitable classic.


You’ll be good.

and another 16 freely assignable LFOs :troll: x

I have machinedrum love, although I never touched one yet


…I can lend you mine to have this “first p-lock-touch, first love”-thingy :smile:

I want to control it all for once.
Tried on DN and DT but it only looks that mighty in combo with the silver legend

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I am not 100% sure, but I thought the control all machine on the MD is giving you basically the same behavior as the implementation on DN or DT. Well you have more tracks that it can control than the 8/4. Besides you need to assign the control all machine to one track.

Mmmmhh…but what happens if the control all machine is multiple times assigned? Do they start to control all each other? Never tried it honestly.