Alternative to DN / DT


Hey people,
I own the DT, AR and OT and do dance music live performances.
In theory the DN would fill the final gap in my setup. I would use it for long pads/arpeggios etc. that would play through my song transitions and make them smooth.
Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of its sound or, likely FM synth sounds in general. I don’t really do sound design and all presets + packs sound too old-school for my style.
I do love DN’s small size and weight though (don’t own a car). So my question is: is there any cool alternative? Actually a DT with time stretch and room for long samples would be perfect - oh well…
Cheers for your help!


You could always just sell DT and DN and use the OT with a multitimbral desktop synth like a Virus?


But you already mentioned that you have an Octatrack which can do all of that, as well as long pads/arpeggios. If you need to travel light, you can use that alone as your live performance instrument.


Synthstrom Deluge?


@healthylives I looked into the Deluge, if it had multi track outs, I’d have snap-bought it a long time ago. It’s still tempting though!

2 OTs would indeed do the trick. 1 is not enough for smooth transitions however.


1 OT plus Infinity Looper or RC-202 for MIDI clock quantized transitions?


Is there a gap in your set up???


Dual DTs for me and couldn’t be more efficient or more compact … But you could do with two OTs as well


If there is a gap I doubt you could insert a credit card between the cheeks of it.


I second the Deluge, it´s by far the most versatile and dynamic machine out there at the moment. Theres no comparison really!
Digitone also only has two outputs and Deluge has in comparison far, far better polyphony (64+ voices?) and i´m not sure how many parts multitimbrality but it´s something similar.
Sampling capabilities are improving but even now the sample length is only limited by how large SD card you have installed. At the moment it´s possible to use 64+GB cards with just a little “hack”, 32GB cards can be used right from the factory.
Beat that!


Sounds like an MPC Live will do everything you need.


what case is that? can you get that with popping out inclined raiser?


So you have a Deluge?


I certainly have.


thomann custom case 45x30x10.


Came by this yesterday, 399 in a kickstarter project. Seems cool but I am not sure if it is an advanced sample player or also a really field recording kit annex swiss army knife…


thinking of buying a digittone to go with my digitakt… Did you take the optional foam padding . have you any though on what is the optien “removable lid”???

thank you


No, I didn’t take the optional foam, I just bought a bit of acoustic foam in a store and cut it myself to my needs.

Removable lid is… well, just this, a removable lid, ie. the lid can be detached from the box, which is super handy.


Thanks for your answer, does the digitone top surface and knob are on top or under the side of the box when open?? Not sure to be clear here… thanks