Already have FM synths - what extra would a Digitone bring?


In the UK the DT can be had for £560 while the DN is still sitting at £699 everywhere. Weird


You should record a clip to soundcloud and share it. I want to listen to it :blush:


Yeah, the DT actually just went up another $10 here.


Digitone is well capable of sequencing external instruments over MIDI including the Program Changes (with common problem of Bank selection). Specific problem that I’m referring to occurs only if you want to synchronise the pattern changes with other Elektron sequencers in a lazy way. Elektron instruments are happy to follow the pattern changes from the master instrument along the MIDI chain but only after a delay of about one bar. I don’t believe it’s specifically digitones problem (other Elektron boxes seem to be the same), I’m only mentioning this in our discussion because it influences my personal decision to keep the instrument. Hope it helps!


Not everyone lives in the US mate.


Weird. I use a Monomachine as master for sync and programme changes and as long as all synced patterns are the same length (or I change pattern near the end) the Analog 4, Electribe etc all change perfectly. I think I might have encountered what you’re describing when using song mode though but the Digitone doesn’t have that so assumed it would be the same.


Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realise! :flushed:

Context is everything. Now I understand much more clearly why you’d like to be as certain as possible if this synth would be a good fit for you. The stakes are much higher. It’s weird, the price disparity between one country and currency, and the next. Either way, most times the fare hardly seems fair.


haha, I ran into this problem trying to emulate some OPL3 patches. Something in OPL3 adds weird harmonics over the top of a “pure” sine wave.


you will sound design in half the time
and the sequencer my first synths were all FM and I just find myself laughing non stop playing with the digitone its so fun and painlessvI hope they make a bigger pro box version if they dont well that’s fine too but im human and when a good thing comes along i want more of it


That’s aliasing actually! I’m a big fan of the OPL3, and the aliasing is so crazy … but useful. Only way to make nice hihats on it is to (well, if not in 4OP mode) use high enough frequencies so that the aliasing makes it sound metallic and brittle. Very charming chip that is. :smiley:


Yeah! Was gonna say, it’s probably the aliasing. Would be nice if the DN had an option for aliasing on the operators, just saying :smiley:

That said, I did get pretty close. I’m uploading a video now that contains some approximations of OPL3 sounds.


Santa Claus brought me a Digitone for Christmas which I’ll be connecting to a tx81z. :notes: