Hi community.

Let’s start a collection of known bugs of the Rytm MK2 to our and hopefully Elektron’s benefit:

  • if they want less customer/user disappointment (hence more loyalty)

  • a finished product with functions working as promised finally after years in some cases

- since satisfied customers and a good product is actually the best marketing.

It makes the following easier for us at least:

  1. If you want to buy the device, you can check quickly and with more oversight, if the functions you need are actually working as described and you expect

  2. If you just bought the MK2, you can check quicker if what you experience is a known bug or a unique problem of your device and decide quicker what to do (swap it, contact support, accept it “as is” or just give it back for good)

  3. If you experience bugs or missing features, you can report them more structured also here (and to customer support) to be able to make more pressure collectively to get things done


This thread will surely develop, so this is a starting attempt to get some structure into it. I will collect bugs on top here, which are acknowledged by Elektron’s support and are not being stated as normal or user error.

  1. If you experience or know about a bug you don’t see here yet, please make an independent thread first as usual and report it to customer support of course. The best is to make a short video of the misbehavior for them.

Only if it really turns out to be a bug, please report it here.

  1. If you experience a bug or a missing feature already listed here, please state it as a “vote for fix”. Also make sure to open a ticket at Elektron’s page for support, if you did not yet.

  2. I will start this list to the best of my knowledge. Please feel free to correct me or to add anything you know. Thank you!

KNOWN BUGS list for the Rytm MK2:

>> Freezes - different reasons possible
All firmware versions (to this date, 1.46 Beta1)

>> Laggings - scrolling and hit lags or misses while in sample browsing mode
All firmware versions (to this date, 1.46 Beta1)

>> Sample names bug - SMP slots showing the same name for diff. samples in diff. slots
1.45B & 1.46 Beta1

>> Pattern trigger and SYN trigger bug - Not triggering SYN (only?) if programmed
1.45B & 1.46 Beta1

>> CHANG bug - Pattern not changing as programmed
All firmware versions (to this date, 1.46 Beta1)

>> LFO to Accent bug - LFO does not change Accent level as described
All firmware versions (to this date, 1.46 Beta1)

>> SONG-mode LED-bug - Not indicating Song Mode off while in “Edit Song” menu
1.45B & 1.46 Beta1

TBC of course!

TBC of course!

Hopefully there will be an end, but the ARMK2 seems to be horribly bugged…

Surely I missed a lot on OB to rytm mk2, since I do not use that too much…

There’s already a lengthy ongoing discussion here that encompasses both AR MK1 and 2. I’m going to close this new one, but I’ll merge the posts over to the other.

AR Bugs thread.

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