All Kits and Patterns gone


It seems like i have lost all kits and patterns on my MDUW+. In none of my snapshots are any kits or patterns. I*ve saved the kits in every session. But now everything is gone and i didn’t format the +Drive or anything… besides the different samplebanks are still there.
I’ve even checked different global slots. I seriously don’t know whats going on and i would be so thankful if someone knows something about it.


  1. Ask Elektron support, they are great at troubleshooting.
  2. Save all your patterns via SysEx
  3. Test mode. Check memory, battery status as a minimum.
  4. Factory reset and try to reload either snapshots or SysEx.

The logic behind is that some background setting is corrupted and factory reset is the fix.

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thank you very much!!