Algorithmic Acid


I’ve been working on my Reaktor groovebox. Basically did a complete rebuild of everything. It’s generating some pretty cool stuff at the moment, only problem is that it is so CPU intensive that I have to run it at 22k sample rate in order to get it to run when everything is going full tilt for the 16 channel version. Haven’t tried it on my desktop yet to see if the situation is any better there. Here’s a quick jam I did with it, no post processing or editing. Its extra crunchy thanks to the 22k sample rate! :smile:
edit:got it working at 44k, the newer jams reflect that


I dig it! Nice work.


bump for new jams







Kind of interesting, but utterly undanceable! :slight_smile:


Fuck your downbeats :cowboy_hat_face::stuck_out_tongue:
Steady pulse = danceable
Thanks for the listen!


Heh, yeah, no problem. :slight_smile:

Just for the record, i sometimes listen to random pulses and hear a rhythm in them, so… :slight_smile:
Random is cool in some ways.
But i guess what happens in your work is that it tries to be dance music, stylistically. That’s what triggered my comment.


One for @omatic. static beat with clear downbeats (until I intentionally screw with it :slight_smile: )


Nice one! :slight_smile:

btw, (talking about your previous musics) it’s not just the downbeat, it’s the general non-consisteny, non-repeatability that throws (me) the listener off. It can be done algorithmically, but i suppose you need to build in some sort of rhythmic basis to give the rest context.


I hear you. All of these jams have been made as tests while building the instrument rather than actual finished pieces of music, and so I’ve been exploring a lot of the “exotic” functions the sequencer is capable of. I’ve worked really hard to make the sequencer as deterministic or as chaotic as you want, but the original inspiration for the system developed after seeing Autechre live, so you know which way my tastes lean :cowboy_hat_face:


Heh, yeah, Autechre. :crazy_face:
Well, if that’s yer poison then i would say you’re not going far enough!
And i guess their randomness seems more structured than your setup, in that the chaos seems more concentrated in the little things and is not applied nilly willy at every structural level.
I think their algorithms somehow preserve the bigger movements more than the smaller time periods, in general.
And what i hear in your setup seems to inject chaos arbitrarily at different structural levels, i think.
I say this from my own experience with attempting this kind of stuff. :slight_smile:
My experience is that if you try to control these levels of chaos yourself (manually) you get into random territory. The listener can’t anticipate anymore what is coming. With Autechre this is not the case, at least, not often.
What i make of it is that their music is not simply random, it’s structured chaos. Very fractal-like, so the chaos on a given layer is somehow connected to the space offered by chaos on the layer above.
There is a ‘meta’ structure, or at least, there is a vertical rhythmical relation between the elements that is missing if you try to give every layer its own randomness.
That was something that was missing in my experiments and i hear that as well in your work. That’s why i go on about it i guess :slight_smile:

In any case, very interesting stuff to experiment with! :slight_smile:


You guys discussing this random/structure and Autechre reminds me of this interview from waaaay back, it’s a good read still and some of the screenshots depicting data etc are virtually art!


I feel like I need to emphasize though, nothing is random in the variations, I’m using probability to switch between possible groups of relationships. That macro level structure can be tied together or independently varied. I have a number of tools in the system now for coherent long term development, but that is certainly the hardest thing to develop, and am still building tools to expand the possibilities. There are various points in the chain where I can loop the data, even when using more chaotic modulation of the sequencer for added structure. All the cv tracks can be tied to the same seed too.

Curious what you use for generative material. Max? If you are Reaktor friendly I’d love to exchange patches. Do you have any examples I could check out? Always love to hear other people’s experiments.



Sounds f**cking awesome, love it
is this all done in one Ens. without multi track recording ?
did you share this in the User Library ?




Yes, it’s all one ensemble tracked in real time, stereo out, no post processing. I made it for a competition on the Reaktor forum, I’ve submitted it, but haven’t uploaded it to the user library yet. Just cleaning a few things up, but this track will be fully recreatable from some snapshots I made for it


really looking forward to try this out, thanks in advance.
Do you have other Ens. from you in the User Library ?