Akai MPC One

and some incredible updates in the pipeline



History repeating.

Streaming coming soon, for sure… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Must not preorder must not preorder


Nice form factor but it’s hardly small and I hated the build quality on the Live. Seems like the same plastic finish.

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That nearly kills this one for me. The Live was great to jam away on

No card streaming, no multiple outs.
Apart from that it seems pretty decent though.
Sticking with OT mkI and Blackbox. (and Rythm Wolf, of course :innocent:)


Second hand MPC Live prices will be interesting to watch though.

750eu is steep for this standalone midi controller. That’s 1,5 or 2 eurorack modules as I see it this year :see_no_evil:

I thought the same when he said that. I wonder why they are not getting their stuff together. People requesting this for years and the hardware itself hasn’t changed beside the controls: so why? Of course, its not that simple and you have to put restrictions on the usable cards … but come on … it still not a feature that takes years to get it right …

They took two years to have automation edit, a feature for which the GUI was already here, so… I guess streaming will be for the next mpc gen :rofl:


A 10.7x10.7” square, so not as compact as DT or even Model:Samples.

I’m all for new MPCs.

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can’t tell if I’m just old or that touch screen is a bucket of cold sick.


I sense a fellow cynic :smiley:

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I hope they somehow manage to overcome the latency on the live inputs with an update in the future. Just a few milliseconds but it’s audible…

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I didn’t get on with the MPC Live because so much of it was touch screen. Seeing many common functions put to buttons is intriguing on the MPC One. Looks like Sweetwater has it listed at $699.


I’m wondering too, just think about the OT. Since it’s incarnation one can stream eight tracks in the gigabyte-range parallel


This is incredible, if you think about where we were a few years ago, to now. That’s a whole DAW with hardware controls in a single box that you can fit in a backpack.


No DAW if you can’t stream long tracks…

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You are a heretic in the eyes of the hardcore-mpc-nerds

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Nope … for compact flash its Gigabit/s, but still enough for 44.1kHz/24 bit streams. I could even live with some memory reduction for write buffers when streaming to the card could come around. Even if you could only stream the master to the CF card, I would take it without any complains … :wink:

That’s ironic, right? Because even 1-2 decades ago you could have this in the form of a laptop. It’s just some different housing and controls. No real technical innovation involved (ok, touch screens got better).