AKAI Force

Button are velocity and pressure sensitive according to the manual.


Uh :open_mouth: oh

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And always ugliest when turned off. So not a good glamour shot at all. The button lights and screen really help on an interface where that is most of what you look at to interact with it.

The MPC Live FCC leaks were equally hideous, and that product turned out to be okay enough.

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Also I predict the next MPD controllers will get announced too. MPD2 series have been discontinued for a while.

Just noticed the output on the PSU is 19V/65W.
That would have to have been an expensive battery. Now it makes sense.


It has an antenna so probably wifi and BT like the MPC L:ive, also a slot for an hard drive underneath, so you can have your terabyte of samples, not just an SD card!

Looks like they couldn’t do this one with a battery which seem surprising as I would guess it is similar to the MPC live but running different software with a PUSH like controller pad…but then it also has the CV outs etc as the MPC X and it looks pretty big (maybe more of an ‘X’ than a LIVE, which may have another meaning in this case!)

The OLEDs above the knobs are a nice touch, just like the X.

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No adjustable angle screen like the MPC X :frowning: Guess it’s priced somewhere between the MPC live and X.

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Looks far too big (and pretty ugly imo)


Yeh that’s odd given the shape of the device…

Ethernet just for Abelton Link seems odd as well

Its about 13.5 inch’s square by the looks - about the same width as the old black electron devices (but also that long)- its less wide (but deeper) than the MK2;'s that are about 15 inches

Ok. Then it seems that I had a wrong impression

Memory card and hard disk drive space, so it’s an Ableton controller with standalone capabilities.

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There was already step sequencing on the mpc 2.0 software but you were locked in one pad at a time and limited to 16 steps. If you wanted 32 steps or more you neeeded to duplicate the pattern but those parameters were hard to access with the mpc studio controller. This looks like you can select one sound and go with 64 steps.


I think it may ‘double’ as a controller, but I would guess its primarily a stand alone device (as the MPC Live was).

What may be more interesting is will their be an accompanying APC LIVE software DAW (as MPC2 software) or will that functionality be built in to the existing MPC2 software (that would be my guess, a clip launch page as their is already the step sequencer etc and MPOC Live already launches clips, jut with the more limited 4x4 grid.

Yeah I don’t see this being Ableton in a box. Doesnt really make business sense to me. This will be Akai doubling down in their MPC software offering an alternative to the Live/X but one that will probably also offer up integration with Ableton.

Could be really interesting if they nail it the way I’m thinking in my head.

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At first I thought it was the APC Live placed next to the MPC Live, then I realized it was all one piece. What a disaster. Touch screens are so f**king overrated.

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A touch screen + a bunch of physical buttons = best of both worlds imo.

yea an mpc Live that focuses on step sequencing. could be an interesting twist.

I’m a fan of touch screens