AK Overbridge: "no device connected"



I got my AK today. I updated to the latest FW, and have the latest Overbridge installed. I use a Windows10 laptop, the AK is the only OB device and is connected directly to the PC , no external hub is used.

AK in OB mode. In the OB contro panel I see the AK, and I get input as per the meters. In Overbridge (standalone) I have configured the correct midi device, and for whatever reason I need to assign a Windows audio port as well otherwise I get a “not enough bandwidth” error message. Now if I got to the main editor page, it says “device not connected”. I can’t seem to get that to work, with or without “autoselect”. All suggestions are welcome!



I get this from the Overbridge engine. That’s weird because I the control panel sees the AK working. I have managed to get it recognised in Overbridge Editor too, but there’s no communication between the AK and the Editor. and soundbrowser.

EDIT: I somehow missed the correct 1.36 beta firmware. My apologies, feel free to remove the thread, I’ll report on the beta thread if necessary… (missed that too, I’ve too much work lately…)