AK / 3 Unit Gig Bag - still available, still a good deal?

In a few days I’ll be a member of the ‘3 Elektron Tabletop Devices’ club (:elmd: :elmm: :elot:) and am looking for a solution to get them around town to occasional gigs. I have some pelican hard-cases for when I fly but they can be a bit big and cumbersome for local shows, so I’d like to do Gig Bag and maybe a single Pelican case for other gear (if needed) rather than trying to cram everything into both of my Pelicans.

I’ve noticed the big gig bag is no longer on Elektron’s site but still see some around US dealers. Still worth getting? And is it usable without the plastic covers? (I plan on getting those eventually too but the bag or other case is going to be pricey enough).

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