AI Generated Groovebox

I find it amusing how the keyboard layouts are so messed up regarding the amount, width and positioning of the keys :slightly_smiling_face:

image image image image image

“Yeah, the keybed on this one is not like any keybed you played before!”

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I am curious, if somebody will build one in real in exactly this wonky style.
Maybe Love Hulten?

I have just tried them all out. None of them can do stereo sampling, mono only.

Even the AI can’t get it right!

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You should see and hear the AI circuit design !!

Pfft, doesn’t even have poly aftertouch

Yeah whats up with that?

Here’s an actual AI drum machine in VST form:

MACE is a generative sampler. Instead of sampling audio it utilizes the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate new samples as defined by categorized model’s. We will be updating our website over time with new models to be downloaded to expand your arsenal!


All the Korg Gadget 2 Engines could be made into hardware synths.


The way AI knows what a groove box should look like, but no idea what any of the controls do or how they might work (similar to the way the uninitiated look at these kinds of boxes). The ergonomics are dreadful and (as @maerteijn mentioned above) keyboards totally clueless.

Guess I’ll be putting put my £/€/$ down on a couple of these concepts when they come to market.

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I’ve bought them all. I lay on my couch shouting orders to them and they churn out songs like a happy clam dancing on the pier while wearing a tuxedo.

I am the mayor of TrashTown, but we are all in key…sometimes.


When the “actions speak louder than words” cliche is brutally essential…

I’d give this one a go - some for of motorised fader tracker would be ftw


I like this rather postapocalyptic style a lot


For times when you want to make music and destroy a star at the same time.


These here are far out somehow.

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