AH ZED14 Fader Resistance

Prior till now, I only used my Zed14 for basically summing. Now that I’m finally utilizing the Cue out on my Octatrack … I’m finding myself ‘playing the mixer’ with mutes.

So here’s my issue: the faders on my zed14 lack resistance. they move way too easily. I tried doing some google searches and nothing came up. Maybe i’m not using the right search terms. So i’m here wondering if anyone has any input on what to do.

Funny thing is, this has always been an issue for me and I resolved it with the main output faders by wrapping a hair tie around them. Should i just find smaller hair ties and wrap them around the rest? (My upcoming gig, i’ll be using a Zed16.)

Ha! I know it’s ridiculous, but here’s my master fader.

It works, i’ll just buy some smaller ones for the input faders. Problem solved i guess.


Cool hack! I have a zed 14 and have had a few problems with digital noise when trying ti use it as an interface. I tried everything that I could think of but ended up going back to my usb interface. Just wondered if you had experienced similar issues?

The faders on my Zed 14 also move almost without resistance.

Never used the usb audio interface and probaply never will.
I’ve read in an article that there were problems with noise, though…

Ja I think that’s why you can get them for a good deal, the USB section for 2 chan recording is dysfunkt. Think it has to do with the USB return section but when I dubbed a mix it was in mono. All other settings for that section no sound at all.
Not long after purchase, Guitar Center rep calls and asks if I was happy with my purchase. I told him about it, and didn’t go into it but said I suspected a function of the mixer was faulty.
He gave me the usual salesman reassurances about returns and such.
having a backup interface, i gave up using it as an interface. I just needed a mixer anyway.
But I suspect these mixers were put out faulty, there were probably a few returns, but most people like me were buying it as a mixer and intended to do no recording with it.

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Thanks for your input! I’ve read a few reports online of people experiencing the same. I did buy it primarily as a mixer but would be nice if I had the option to use the usb out. Could just be issues with some laptop conflicts but used a few interfaces recently with no issue, so doubt it.

i used it once to record a show & never again. It was super noisy.
The lack of resistance on the faders is making me test out a mackie VLZ14 i think. I just love how the AH sounds. I’m used to it

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Before I bought the Zed 14, I had a Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro (old made in USA model).
Mackies are super cool, because muting a channel sends it to the Alt Out 3/4, but imho the Zed sounds so much better… In particular the eqs sound great for mixer in that price range.

The faders are 100mm Alps faders, AFAIK that’s no crap.

Damn that 's a scunner way to find out! I have now read of issues on some of the pricier models, meh!
I can see how that would be annoying, they aren’t great for precision without being extra careful. Thankfully I just set the thing to unity and thats that.

have you tried lubricating them with a heavier grease?

this is a bike nerd hack I’ve used. so I can’t claim it will work here. but it shouldn’t hurt anything. you’d ideally need a grease syringe to inject it into the faders. and obviously go easy with it.

i might have to try that, thank you

while we are on the topic of the zed14 … i need to make some last minute decisions before I head to JFK airport, then Berlin.

Is there anything I need to do to my mixer so I can use it in Germany?

Looks like it should be fine with an adaptor as the mixer is rated at 100-240 volts (double check the back of your unit). Check this article:

Also I’d double check elsewhere - I don’t wanna be responsible for blowing your mixer : )
Germany is 220volts.

I’ve checked & double checked. Actually moving to Berlin late March. Thank you for the article. Sounds like I should be all good.

Sidenote: pelican case did not fit all three machines like it was supposed to

Awesome! That’s a great city for Elektrons :wink: I’ve never made it there myself tho!
Scunner. Which three?

Digitone, Octa, RYTM
DSI Mono Evolver KB

analog keys is sitting out for now

so sorry, i somehow didn’t hit send back on feb 19th … so now i’m sending.
also, my gig went great at tresor :slight_smile:

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A lot has changed since February 19th! Aye, great place to play a gig before shit went south. You must play some hard stuff :+1:

slightly over a month ago … yeah, i play hard stuff :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:

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:clap::crazy_face: Damn…that’s heavy banging, brilliant!!! Away to listen to some more of your tracks!

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