AH LCD screen

Good morning guys…am I the only one not really loving the new display on it?
I have the AH next to computer keyboard and I find really difficult to read what’s displayed…I have to move my head on axis with it.
Any suggestions?
maybe an inclined support would help?

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From the same angle i can see clearly the AR and A4 display, not the AH… So yeah, don’t like that. I do like the stiff controls and sound though :slight_smile:

Yeah I would have to agree. Having it flat is not easy to use or see. I repurposed this cheap iPad stand and it works surprisingly well.



I use these (just the big ones, in rear) with all my Elektrons.

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I noticed that when I first turned mine on and I thought someone had messed with the contrast, but then found out there is no control :confused:

They should be fixing the displays of those who purchased this

Speaking about screens, anyone know any third-party screens that are white instead of yellow and that fits with the Analog Heat? All other Elektron gear I have use the white screens while the AH sticks out like a sore sun in dark environments.