Aftertouch AK not working?

Hey guys
I might be missing something but I can’t get the aftertouch on my AK to work. My problem is similar to this video:
The pressure doesn’t move the AT knob on the screen. Do I need to activate it somewhere else ?

I found your post after checking out my aftertouch and seeing that it was not working. There is usually a logical explanation for things. Sometimes they are not clear in the manual. So up your post comes after a search.

The video was an eye opener as once I turned up the aftertouch with the track volume knob, it works fine. Mine fortunately does not act like the video’s where is does not go down again.

So I assume (even tough the manual does not say in the part about aftertouch) that the volume knob sets the amount the keys respond to aftertouch.

Has anyone found the solution? My AK don’t respond to AT either.