After 5 years of pondering whether to get an OT, one just arrived at my doorstep

Hey everyone, first time posting. After 5 years of debating whether the OT was right for me, I just got a notification that one has delivered to my front door (at work for 3 more hours). For the last 2 weeks I’ve spent at least 30 hours reading forums, merlins guide, the manual, watching many hours of tutorials including all of Cuckoo’s. The last 2 nights 100% of my dreams were OT related. I’m so excited to get home and fire it up. I bought it from 123Music for $791 used with free shipping. The listing was super vague so I’m not sure of it’s condition, whether it includes a manual, or even a CF (I ordered a 64gb Sandisc Extreme Pro for good measure). I guess the main thing I’m wondering is what is a good way to get started with it and not get too overwhelmed. The main things I want to accomplish with it this weekend is making a solid drum sequence with P Locks and getting a foundational start on sequencing my MS-20 and Minilogue and applying P Locks to MIDI CC’s for the ML. Also last night I discovered some videos of people setting up Sample Chains where they had 64 kicks, snares, hats, etc and utilized slicing to make drums out of those. Is their anywhere you can download sets of these sample chains? Theirs so much to learn and accomplish!


T minus 2 hours 43 minutes till blast off! :rocket::elot:


I think it’s a good idea to get familiar with Ot with midi tracks, simplier.

For slices, nothing better than yours, with @Abhoth Octachainer, or inside Ot with a simple one bar loop. Amen Break loop is still my favorite to test slices, after an accurate Daw time stretch processing for each beat.

I still use a simple downloaded TR808 drum kit sliced with Octachainer.


the files section here on Elektronauts.

Some that I uploaded:


Wow I hadn’t heard of this until now. That sounds super convenient. Thanks!

Just like that? Wanders off to check doorstep…

Welcome aboard, deep box, plenty of resources around, plenty of cool and helpful cats around, plenty of fun (and frustration) to be had :smiley_cat:


This seems doable.
For the first weekend, and getting settled, I would skip anything that has to do with parts, sampling, or the arranger.
Throw some samples in a folder, load it up on the OT, start making patterns, explore P-locks, FX etc.
Hook up your synths, make the appropriate midi settings, and start sequencing.
Dont overthink it, and dont get married to any ideas, you’ll have a completely different idea of how to use the OT in a month. A few moths later, you’ll be on another completely different way of doing things.


My girlfriend was getting out of work right after it was delivered and just got home to do a FaceTime unboxing video. Seems to be perfect condition :slight_smile:


Sounds like a plan!

First time in the MIDI menus don’t forget that after turning an encoder to set a channel/cc/whatever, you also need to press it to confirm/lock in your selection.

(It is in the manual, but it tripped me up every time for a moment because I rarely use the MIDI side of the OT)

you also need to hold function and press an encoder to activate a CC control in the last two pages of a MIDI track!
as others said, first thing is probably just sequencing and p-locking samples, activating and using same chains… then MIDI tracks, fun with the ARP, MIDI LFOS…
sampling can be frustrating so be patient, same with parts

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Consider this a set of very important pro-tips right here.



Get ready to scratch your head mate, youre in for a ride. Welcome to the club though, honestly after a bit of use you’ll get it. Its nowhere near as daunting as its made out to be. The box is as deep as you want it to be and as soon as you get your feet wet theres a ton of directions to go in. You definitely wont regret reading up though. like everyone whos ever given advice about an octatrack says though, watch cuckoos vid. Enjoy!


It’s far harder to know what to do with the OT than how to do it. :wink:


Octatrack Mystery School! :electric_plug::elot::crystal_ball::place_of_worship::loud_sound::atom:

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This thing is a beast. I’ve only got to spend a few hours with it so far and I’m mad I ever bought into it being that hard to use. I’ve got like 20% of the functionality down and its already the most essential piece in my little studio. It’s crazy how this one piece effects the GAS I have for other stuff now. No need to pay premiums on synths with on board sequencers or FX necessarily anymore. Thanks again for all the feedback and tips everyone!