AF CV/Gate sequencing problem

yes, I want to use the A4 as master sequencer to just control eurorack at this point, until I integrate other Elektrons I have OT, MD, MNM.

I suggest that you let us know what specifically you want to do; for example “I want to send clock signals from AF CV output A to the clock input of Wogglebug” and then we can give you specific advice.

thanks, sorry a bit frustrated… should work but doesnt. Its not that hard. Must be one stupid wrong setting somewhere in the CV config.

(Part of my setup)


Open Global Menu, scroll down to CV Config.
This is where you configure the 4 outputs.
Then use CV Track for sequencing.

The 4 Global Slots offer four different configurations.
If it says Global Slot 1, you are on Slot 1 and all your stuff like set midi channels etc. are stored on this Slot.
Change to Slot 2 with arrow keys and you can set different midi channels or IIRC anything else in the Global Menu.

What cv do you want to send? Clock, pitch cv, gate, trigger?

Btw, cv tutorial:


Great. Thanks Sch

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On A4, I am sending CV-A out to Gate in of Sputnik Quad Function EG to VCA of Tangle Quartet, Sending B Pitch out to Plaits v/Oct input.
CV-A and CV-B Config set as above…Playing A4 sequence, dont hear Plaits sound, only the A4 sequence sounds. My A4 sound is coming out of Main Outs, not 1-2-3-4 Track outs (not setup that way).

I found this video very useful for setting up CV when I first got my ARmk2, especially for setting the tuning.

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So your checklist for trouble-shooting is:


  • use a working cable to connect AF CV Out A to Sputnik “Pulse” input
  • use a working cable to connect AF CV Out B to Plaits “V/Oct” input
  • use a working cable to connect Sputnik Out to Tangle “Level” input
  • use a working cable to connect Plaits “Out” to Tangle “In”
  • use a working cable to connect Tangle “Output” to your monitoring system

In the AF’s GLOBAL > CV CONFIG menu:

  • in CV A config, set TYPE to be “GATE” and POLARITY to be “V-TRIG”
  • in CV B config, set TYPE to be “PITCH V/OCT”

Choose a track on the AF on which to sequence the modular; it makes sense to choose the CV track. Make the CV track the active track.

Choose the CV A parameter page (OSC1 button). It should appear like the CV (GATE) screenshot in Appendix C of the manual. The only parameter available is the track that will send gate signals to the CV A output: it should say “CV”, meaning “CV track”.

Choose the CV B parameter page (OSC2 button). It should appear like the CV (PITCH V/OCT) screenshot in Appendix C of the manual. There are tuning controls and again a parameter to select the track that will send pitch CV signals to the CV B output: following our example, it should say “CV”.

You can now program your sequence into the CV track, just as you would with any other track on the AF.

This should work. There may be some adjustments to make with trig length on the AF’s CV track, and on your modules (use sensible values), and maybe on other settings if they have been adjusted away from defaults.

Try it and let us know what happens.

So what is the audio output of your Tangle Quartet connected to?

What is the audio output of your AF connected to?

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Thanks Will Try all above ASAP especially using the CV Track setup(never tried that). Thanks.

Tangle output and A4 goes to Sputnik sub-mixer inputs then out to Scarlett Interface to record to Logic to Behringer mixer for monitoring on JBl 4411’s.

Thanks Peter! Works Exactly as you instructed. My mistake was that I did not have a ‘Live’ Track selected (red).

So, that is one Sequencer track sent via CV, how many A4 sequencer tracks can be sent via CV total?

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You can use any of the six sequencer tracks on the AF as a source for signals.

What you have to take into account is that there are only 4 signal outputs (A-D) so you can only have, for example,

  • two CV/Gate pairs, or
  • CV, Gate, a miscellaneous voltage, and clock.

For each of the four outputs, just select which of the 6 sequencer tracks you want to use as the source of the signals.

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look at it slightly differently:

You’ve got 4 cv outputs on the A4

  • Each output can be configured to be pitch Hz/v, Pirtch V/ocht, control voltage, s-trig or v-trig
  • For each of the outputs you can choose by which of the 6 tracks in the sequencer they are triggered: 1, 2, 3, 4, FX or CV track.

This enables you to make a custom configuration, few examples:

Example 1: use a4 as 4chan midi-cv converter; you can sequence on cv-track

send pitch cv from cv A
send gate (v-trig) from cv B
send modwheel (control voltage, assign modwheel to control dial) cv C
send aftertouch (control voltage, assign AT to control dial) cv D
All tracks with source track CV

Example 2
2 synths, sequenced by cv and gate each from cv-channel and fx-channel
CV A : Pitch cv (v/oct) source track cv
CV B: Gate (v-trig) source track cv
CV :C Pitch cv (v/oct) source track fx
CV-D: Gate (v-trig) source track FX


wow, sounds like a lot of options. Lots to experiment with. Thanks.

Sounds good- thanks again. (just received Monomachine, letting it thaw out before plugging in), pumped.

there sure are: it is in my view the most versatile midi-cv converter with advanced sequencer capabilities.

The pitch, gate and clock functions sound quite obvious, but when using “value lin” you can of course control that value/voltage by a number of modulation sources (LFO’s Env’s midi controllers etc) witch are all p-lockable in the sequencer. This could provide your modular with some additional enveloppes or lfo’s

Also a nice feature for modular:
Use CV track to send pich cv to cv A t your modular
Use tracks 1, 2 and 3 to have 3 different gate sequences with gates sent through Cv B, C and D to different parts of your modular.
Finally route the audio from your modular to A4 audio in, and use track 4 to process the audio from your modular (Set osc to “in”)

Happy experimenting!

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You can also send the two envelopes and two lfos via the cv/gate outouts to your modular.
Choose CV (Value Lin) as cv type and apply env or lfo to “val”.

For envelopes you’d typically set it to a 0-5V range.
For an lfo, range -5 to 5V, val to 0.
Linear value cv can also be p-locked, have parameter glides applied and can be controlled from macros.


Found out after buying the A4, there is no sequencer MIDI out, but that doesn’t matter to me, I dont use MIDI myself, just send MIDI clock for control of devices, CV is more important for eurorack. I record everything direct Live to 2 tracks in Logic, but want to be able to lock to a DAW eventually and learn Ableton since thats all I’ve heard about as the ‘standard’ for the past 10 years.

Apparently with the latest os update there is; I can’t confirm since I sold my A4 a year ago…


great, then I need to download the new firmware.

did you replace the A4 with anything?