Advice on replacing audio interface. Nauts, can you help?!

Welp, through research, suggestions, and my intuition, I’ve purchased a used but in very good condition Motu Ultralite Mk3 off of for $200. I feel I got an excellent price and should now be able to multitrack record as long as no hiccups arise. Thanks for everyone’s help!


Ok then I got you wrong, I thought you need a device that records without a pc

talking of a/d converters: as you only plug in synths with line out which have a s/n of something like 90-100 db, the audio interface isnt a bottle neck for recording quality. very good ones. eg from audient can reach up to 115 db or more, but even bad ones should have around 95 to 100 db.

the more expensive interfaces have better preamps for microphones with a much lower signal. and you can adjust the gain digitally, which is more precise.

so you just need to look at the feature list and price, but dont worry about the quality of the converters.

more important are the drivers: just check the forums of the manufacturers to see how many people are complaining.

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Considering I’m waiting for the seller to ship my newly purchased equipment, I wanted to ask one more question so I can fully understand the audio interfaces I’m looking at. I spotted a Focusrite Scarlett 18i6 that has the ability to record 6 tracks simultaneously, I’m assuming very similar to the Motu Ultralite mk3.

If I plugged in my Virus C to inputs 1 / 2 for stereo, could I then route them to output as a single stereo channel? Effectively only using 1 of the 6 available output tracks / channels. Trying to wrap my head around this. Sorry for the ignorance.

Good call on the Motu. It’s been on my list when i replace mine because it is DC coupled and can also do CV for modular in addition to audio.

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You need to separate ‘channels’ from inputs and outputs. Just like you need 2 sockets for a single stereo input, you will need 2 sockets for a single stereo output. On your DSP mixer or in your DAW, these two Inputs can appear as a single stereo CHANNEL. The Mk 3 will let you record 10 analog inputs at once and if one of your synth has an spdif output then you can record 12 (mono) or 6 (stereo) inputs at once.

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good score! I’m sure you’ll be happy with it. sound quality will be a step up from the Yamaha, and it should be solid/stable. should tuck away neatly under your Digitone too!

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I actually have a solid spot for it in my custom 2U wood rack I made, right on top of my Alesis Quadraverb.

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So just got the Motu Ultralite mk3 all hooked up and already loving it! Just having the ability to multitrack gives my music so much more. Now I can independently adjust levels, frequencies, cut phrases shorter if I need to, or shuffle things around arrangement wise. Still trying to get the onboard reverb to work, having a little trouble there, but no biggie. Thanks for everyone’s input on this!

Here’s a pic of how it sits. My Yamaha used to be where the laptop stand and Quadra Thru are at, now it’s a little more desolate in that area, hah


Glad you got what you were looking for, the MOTU is a great device!!! Enjoy!

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