Adding a +Drive to a MnM: How much?

Hi there,
I read somewhere in this forum that Elektron still offers to add +Drives to older machines.
I would like to upgrade my MKII MnM, does anybody know how much it costs and how long it takes to have them do that?
Many thanks in advance!

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Ask Elektron.


Yeah, the idea was to get an idea before submitting a request to the mothership

can you ask for me on the Machinedrum - saves us both asking…


But only Elektron knows the answer.

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OK, but is it rather in the region of €100 or €1000?
(was what I meant)
(from someone who did it recently, if possible)

just email them. it’s as easy as posting the question here.


OK, for the ones interested, €289 (shipping included) for Austria.
Considering the prices of +Drive MKII’s at the moment and the price I paid my non+Drive MKII a couple of year back, it’s a no-brainer.


Shipping means that you send your unit to them and they send back, not that they ship the +Drive to you and then you’ve to install it yourself. Right?

Hm, that’s a good question. I assume it means shipping the machine itself.

I can tell you that installing the plus drive yourself is very easy. A bit like plugging in a pc board on computer - only smaller.

Oh, would you have any instructions to recommend about that?

I don’t have any directions per se but I removed one from a machinedrum once to add to a different machine and it went very easily. The hardest would be getting the knobs of actually.

My mkII MonoMachine sadly does not have a +Drive either.

I need to figure out the workflow to load the various waveforms available:

Immortal Waves waveforms - Radek Rudnicki

Oxford Overdrive waveforms - Radek Rudnicki

Nicholas Lem Collection

It is my understanding that the workflow to mix and match my favorite aspects of these soundpacks would be much easier with a +Drive.

However that workflow is still possible without a +Drive on the MonoMachine, yes? Just more steps?

Best of luck with your +Drive addition Omar, perhaps I will do the same!


Was it an MK2 unit? Elektron have confirmed they can’t or don’t do it on an MK1 - which I think mine is (machinedrum SPS1-UW 32 step).

Costs £240 GBP for anyone else who sees this thread (inc p&p).

This came from an mki machinedrum so it can be done. They offered it on mki’s when the mkii’s first came out.

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