Adapter needed to connect iPad. What kind?

I’m trying to figure out exactly what I’ll need in order to connect to my Digi to my iPad (w/ out having to use a DAW)

Apple Camera Connection Kit will do the trick!


Thank you. It has to be Apple? A generic brand will work too, right?

With these adaptors it is best if you order an Apple one! Third party adaptors aren’t officially supported and can cause problems (actually).

I know they are absurdly priced, but you buy them once and then you know they work.

Also, watch out when you buy these online, quite a few sellers sell fake ones as authentic Apple products, I guess it’s a margin thing. So do ensure it’s verified Apple before you spent on it.

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The confusing thing is Apple no longer sells a product named “Camera connection kit.” I think it’s just a matter of using the right cable, but that will depend on the model of iPad.

Depends on the iPad. If you’re using the newer iPad Pros with the USB-C port, then get the Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter which has a USB-C port, and Standard USB port and an HDMI port.

If you’re using a Lightening port iPad, then get the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter

Both are available from Apple.


The basic Apple brand USB-C to USB adapter works too. I’ve tested it. If you don’t need to power your iPad or need HDMI, you save about 65% off.

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Yeah just buy the Apple one. Have had third party ones in the past and they’re no good.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but a digi-USB > iPad cable will now provide class complaint audio, but not MIDI?

I want to use some of the rad iOS sequencers - I was looking at one of these:

You just need the USB to iPad connector and you’re good to go. You’ll set the Digi to USB Audio/Midi in Settings and it will show up on the iPad to receive audio from and to send/receive midi from.

Oh, mai god. Thanks for confirming - I’m wrapped! I’m so stoked it sends USB too! Hopefully it can also route the midi into A4 too - will try tonight!

If you have an iPad with a Lightning port, just shell out for the Lightning to USB 3 adapter - at some point you’re most likely going to want that additional port for charging. Sure it’s $39, but if you can afford an Elektron box, you can probably afford this :wink:

Not to mention a mobile setup of IPad + Digi + Myvolts cable + USB power bank is pretty nice…

If you are using the connection kit for the iPad, be sure to get the one that has a power input, so that it doesn’t drain your battery to fast. Also, you may want to check out Auria Pro which is an excellent mixer for your iPad. Let us know how it works out. Cheers!