Adam Jay Electro Album for 2020

Hey fam.

I’ve released a third full length electro album on Detroit Underground.

listen/buy at:

Stream at:

gear used:
1 - Waveguide. TT-606, Monologue
2 - Fragmented Simulation. Monologue, Drumatix
3 - Discrete Event. Drumatix. Monologue, A4
4 - Warp Drive. Monologue, OT
5 - Tempus Malum. Drumatix. Monologue, A4, OT
6 - Reaction Chamber. A4, Digitone, Drumatix
7 - 3247SDZ. Drumatix, PO SUB
8 - Cerium. TT-606, Reaktor
9 - Cruces Motile. A4, Ableton
10 - Runaway Groove. TT-606, Monologue, AK


That’s some really clean album cover work. Reminds me of MGS.

I’ve checked out that labels catalog and some of your work previously so I’m looking forward to this.

Edit: wanted to wait till I’m at my studio monitors to listen but checked out some snippets before hand and it’s sounding really nice.


I remember hearing the track “Waveguide” awhile back and it was what sold me on the TT-606. Unfortunately that piece of gear went south, but that’s another story. Great work @AdamJay will listen to all of it later in the week!

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Hi Adam Love the artwork! im gonna dive on the tracks


EDIT: just listen to some tracks and… serious stuff here


Great work! Liked several of them, probably Tempus Malum the most.


This is awesome!

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I saw this on DU’s Facebook page and thought “Is that the same Adam Jay?” Then saw it was electro and knew it had to be :slight_smile:

Sounds great, love the artwork as well.

You should collab with Planet Pluto, would be amazing I bet.


Sounds great! Congrats man. I’m really digging Tempus Malum and Cerium. Also happy to see Waveguide made it to the list. :clap:


F*****g jams!

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I have promo codes for free bandcamp downloads.

Message me privately if you want one.

jammed with this sucka on the way to work a few times this week. digging it a lot! Warp Drive is my favorite track. excellent work!

and I’m super confused how AdamJay is getting rid of his Drumatix :scream:


already got rid.

I just don’t form attachments to gear.

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funny - listening to your album inspired me to consider buying a Drumatix (or the tt 606) because I think the drums sound amazing - the production is excellent…
So what will you replace that with - samples of the Drumatix or other or have you got your sights on something else?
I really love Wave Guide and Discrete Event btw…
Overall a really great album so thanks for sharing!


I’m working on doing more with less these days and maybe(?) putting together a new live set, if things work out.
Currently using just the Model Samples, an A4 MK1, and a Volca Drum. That’s 16 voices, more than enough to get the job done.

I have thousands of samples of the Drumatix and the TT-606, plus several individual TR-606 unit samples. I’ve made a lot of sample chains from these, as Model Samples is an ideal sample chain playback device. It’s simple, immediate and with sequencer tricks, fx, and parameter locks built in, can get me to some fun places quick that the Drumatix/TT could not.
Additionally, I have several ideal sample chains for electro, made from short blips bleeps and squeaks from Future Retro XS, and Dinky’s Taiko. So Model Samples can certainly get the foundation poured and even a couple walls raised up for building tracks.
And I am using the Volca Drum in much the same way I used the Monologue, and since it has 6 parts, it’s kinda like 6 Monologues for me, so that’s exciting.


Hey Adam,

your album is sick and I love it :smiley:

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This album is :fire: Thanks for sharing.

Sounds awesome Adam, your artwork strongly reminds me of designs from Wipeout! The drums in Waveguide sounds really crisp and “airy” and even though there’s a lot going on it all sits super cleanly in the mix.

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Whoa awesome man! Thank you!

Used code m2z8-k9pm

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i’ve used


and would like to thank you for this kind gift :slight_smile:

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