Adam Jay - Corpora (Full Length Electro Album)

thank you!

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Thanks all for posting the codes you’re using so that I can take them out of the list.
Certainly saves the time of others who decide to grab a copy!

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Thank you! Can’t wait to give it a listen.

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thanks for the tunes!

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U R legend :slight_smile: thanks for sharing
Sounds so tuff on my mini pa rig

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Many thanks Adam.

Loving your work. :+1:


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thank you very much!

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Just listened through this again. Monomyth is my fave from this one, need to add it to my elektro crate. Big up!

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thanks Adam

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Really enjoying this release Adam… Love hearing the OP-1 sounds in amongst this quite hard electro.

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If you think this one is quite hard, you should hear my other electro album;


I have heard and liked that album. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I used this one.

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This is some great electro aswell as the Maxia Zeta album. How did you record this one? What did you use for drums? Nice meaty weight to the beats!

The Corpora album was mostly OP-1 recorded stereo into Live, and then polished up a bit there.
I did a good amount of 4 track pan trickery (pan the drum track to get some stereo width of hats and snares, and then use Ozone Imager to bring the kick back to the middle, also some mid/side EQ).

Some drums were done in Patterning and recorded those into the OP-1, or I used OP-1 drum kits. Either way, always samples that made it into the OP-1.
Most tunes were 16 bar loops with live tweaks/mutes/etc. Maybe every 2 bars in each of the OP-1’s 4 tracks were a bit different, giving me a lot of combinations for live arranging via muting.
I would also solo certain parts and then duplicate/pitch/harmonize those in Live after recording.

The track “Blurb Fodder” was 100% Monomachine, and “Coercive Designs” mostly DAW, those two being the only exceptions.

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Ok, cool thanks for the info. You managed to get the most out of the OP-1 for sure! Sounds awesome to me. Have a similar setup to the one you got for the Maxia album and I find your stuff inspiring to me to get me to produce/record stuff and get it out there!

The thing I learned through this process was to use the OP-1 compressor sparingly when recording the output stereo.
There were a couple tracks that were over compressed that I had to go back and use an expander on.

It’s tough because that compressor has so much vibe that you don’t want to lose in the track, and there is a fine line between sounding just right and overdoing it.

I’ve found that backing off bit from where you think it sounds just right gives you some dynamic safety net, and adding more compression afterward will still retain the distinct vibe, without the headache of needing to go through an expander and heavy EQ to fix the over-compression.

Really good stuff