Actress and his Octatrack (no music)

Actress and his Octatrack give a short interview about all sorts.

I’m a bit surprised as I thought he’d given up on Elektron gear in favour of some A.I software.





honestly he liked me more boefore i saw this )

I love his music, it is impressively imaginative and colorful .

Unbelievable. How on hells earth have I never come across this wonderfulness!?!?

I feel weird. I should’ve received an energy that put me together with him long ago.
I did with MF Doom.
Anyway, thank you for sharing.

Ghettoville is a deeply mysterious and fascinating album. Cool to learn he’s using an OT!

He’s so bizarrly full of himself that he can always say, “naah, i was just faknaround maan” and everybody would believe him
…but i like his music!

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I’ve seen him a few times with the :LCO and I really like his music.

The last thing I saw him involved with was Actress x Stockhausen Sin (x) II @ The Southbank

I must admit that after the event I thought about the performance a lot. I came away thinking he was either a charlatan or a genius … Because of the amount I thought about the performance and the strength of his musical output it I still suspect it’s the latter.

It does seem like that performance more than most completely divided the crowed :slight_smile:

That’s def not his first Corona…

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