Active scene doesn't load on pattern change

I’m running 1.31 and having this problem.

  1. I have a scene active on a pattern
  2. Switch to another pattern (which had no scenes active), activate then deactivate corresponding scenes (i.e. same pad as scene active on original pattern)
  3. Switch back to original pattern
    ----When I do this, the active scene on the original pattern doesn’t load, I have to double press the pad to get it to register.

Is this an undocumented bug or have others experienced this and it’s been addressed (but not documented) in a firmware update? I know should upgrade to 1.31B anyway, but don’t want to go further and lose the old over bridge.

Are there any unresolved issues with 1.31B?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Same bank, same part?

I don’t understand that.
Activate / deactivate = changing scenes?
Corresponding to what?
Pad = Trig = scene number?

Please give precised steps in order to try to reproduce your issue.

1.31B is released?

Thanks for the reply.

Yes same bank. What do you mean by same “part”?

Activate and deactivate meaning at first no scene is selected, then select a scene, and then unselect it. In other words, no pads lit --> pad lit --> then no pad lit again. Then change back to other pattern, where pad is lit, i.e. scene should be active, but the sounds are as if it’s not lit. So I have to deactivate and reactivate (unlight and relight) it to make it register the scene.

I’ve edited the original post slightly so it makes more sense too.

Does that help clarify? Thanks again for the help!
1.31B was released quite some time ago, but nothing in the release notes about this particular problem.

Not much. Please use Octatrack’s manual terms otherwise it warps my brain! :smile:

Which pad lit? No pads on OT but 16 trigs and buttons.
You select scenes by pressing Scene A or B button and a trig.
You can MUTE scenes with Function + Scene A or B button. That’s what I understand as activate / deactivate a scene. If it is not that, please post a picture or a video.

Btw, scenes mutes remain if you change patterns, so maybe you are talking about something else.

Each pattern is associated to a Part, containing 16 scenes. If you change to a pattern with a different Part associated, scenes are different.
If there’s a Part change, some parameters may not be updated if not trig is played on a track (machine).

@sezare56 it’s RYTM synth problem , not OCTATRACK … (-:

@kalin Sorry!
Scenes, patterns, 1.31 were in common with OT!
I have to check with my AR then…

So I tested, it seems to be buggy indeed.
Not easy to test / realize / explain!
MKI, 1.45B

  1. Pattern 1, saved Kit 1, Scene 1 active
  2. Pattern 2, saved Kit 2, Scene 1 active > press once to deactivate
  3. Pattern 1, Kit 1, Scene 1 inactive > press twice to activate

I think at point 3 scene 1 should be active. It may be considered as active so you have to press twice. No matter if scene 1 is saved as active or not.

Isn’t there a reload kit on pattern change like on A4 ?
Edit : Global > Sequencer > KIT RELOAD ON
Behave the same if scene 1 is saved as active, but it behave normally (press once) if it is saved inactive. :thinking:

Hm… I’ll try out with “kit reload on pattern change” mode
Even if it works this isn’t always desirable to work in this mode.

Thanks again for the replies.

I wonder if elektron will fix this - I suppose it’s pretty easy to work around, but surprising it was never noticed and fixed (seems like a pretty common procedure to activate and deactivate a scene and then change to another pattern with the corresponding scene active).

I guess my workaround for now will be to always have a scene active, so rather than no scenes selected for default, I’ll always have scene 1 active.

Maybe this thread can serve as a list of workarounds for people who encounter this problem.

Yeah, thanks to point it out!
And sorry for misunderstanding. :upside_down_face:

Yeah by the way I don’t especially like the inactive state, if you jam with different scenes and deactivate your scene by pressing twice the pad it can be annoying.
I’d much prefer a button + pad combination.

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Oh I can see why that’s a problem, if you’re trying to change scenes and accidentally hit it twice. Good point!

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