Acid-Dub, Dub-Techno, Dub w/ Rytm


Got a little side-project going making some sort of hybrid of Acid-Dub, Dub-Techno, and good ol’ regular Dub. Bits and pieces of all those at least. Trying to put out a new single every month or two.

Rytm is used on drums, percussion, and sometimes some stabs or other sounds run through as well.

Hope you enjoy.

Artist Name: Atlantic Trace


I’m so glad I’m not the only person that has style/genre ADD between tracks.

I like the work that you do! Keep it up!


Ha. ADD is a mild way of putting it. I never really know how to categorize things. I try to make Dub Techno and this weird hybrid stuff keeps coming out.

Thanks man! :relaxed:


The only constant in my “music” is obnoxious noisey weird stuff. I’ve got a series of things I’m intending to work on. Gonna lean into it.


I hear ya. My list of projects is never-ending. Time is the real limitation, not gear. Okay, skill and talent might be some other limitations in my case. As long as we’re having fun, right?


Mostly yes, but I haven’t made anything pretentious enough to feel like I’ve "magnum opus"ed anything in a while, so fun’s gonna have to take a back seat to appease my ego…


Ha. Yes. Less fun, more pretentiousness. The new recipe for success. I think there’s a Max/MSP patch for that floating around somewhere.


Ha! Nice!


Very nice track! Lead me to your ‘Coast’ track which I really like as well.


Ah, cool. Glad you liked them. Cheers!


New track, finished over holiday break. Has more classical song structure than a typical dub techno song but definitely dub techno influenced. I guess I’m still searching for a genre name for what I do.


another one.


… and another, for february…


All of these are just works in progress by the way. I’d love to hear feedback.

I still have to go back and automate the hell out of these tracks. But for some reason that’s the last step in my process (and then a tiny bit of a mix polish after that of course). I’m going to automate in a dub kind of way, using Push and Livid DS1 controllers.

I’m getting some better mixing plugins and picking up some tips and tricks as I go. I think “Miami” is mixed waaaay better than the others. I’ll have to go back and apply the same things to older tracks.

In case anyone is interested, I think I’ll release these tracks as a full album on Bandcamp after I get about 9 tracks arranged, mixed, automated, etc.


I like your tracks! Nice atmosphere! Good sounds. Don’t have any tips or comments on mixing because I am not very good at it too but all sounds great! Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it. :grin: