Accidentally Erased sounds in machinedrum?


Hi, I have an original machinedrum mk1 (the first and most simple Version) since some days, and I have a problem. Hope this is user related…
Here is the thing. I made one pattern yesterday. I used the innit kit.
I made a lot of changes to the sound.
As I work in the extended mode I thought that I don‘t need to save the kit, as the sound changes will be saved in the pattern…
so today i made my second pattern with a different kit. Changed the sound there, too.

Now, I accidentally switched to a different bank and a different pattern within.
I switched back to my patterns… and the Rhythm is still there, but the sounds are gone!
All sounds are I guess like before I worked on them… omg. What to do? What could have been possibly gone wrong?


Hi you have the option to reload the last Kit
Go to the window whre you load or assign a Kit on the upper side and try to load the last used Kit hope that help you and you can find this on the manual. Best


You have to save you kit.
When you change your pattern, if the new pattern has another kit than the one your were playing before pattern change, the new kit replace the old one and the previous kit return to his last saved version. So if you don’t save your init kit after changes and twiking, it will return to it’s original form : init kit.
If you change a pattern to a new pattern (with no trigs) that have not already a kit loaded in, the kit of the previous pattern will be still active. Any change will affect it.
So you have to save your kit :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot, guys!
A pitty I tried so much that I lost the undo kit, shit.
Two, in my mind, very nice patterns are gone now… guess there are worst things happening:-)
I misunderstood the manual, that by using the extended mode everything is saved into the pattern than…

So, whenever I do a new pattern and i change a drum sound in there, I should save the kit to a new place… right? Otherwise i will destroy the other pattern…
Do i have enough places for kit storage? How I work right now this would mean every pattern should have his own kit…


That s a possibility but don t forget about parameter locks. These are probably preferable for smaller kit variations between patterns.