Access Virus Ti desktop - still relevant?


Doesn’t the virus display 2 midi Inputs, controller and synth, do you not have to adjust it in the virus depending on whether you’re using Ti or a sequencer like the OT?


I own that editor. Just midi connection. Works better than the original software - give it a try. No USB though!

On topic: the TI is absolutely relevant. Mature, just works. sounds brilliant, gritty, dirty, lush.
Had a B, then C. Traded for TI for the extra wavetables and would never go back.


As I mentioned above, I’ve tried it. Doesn’t work very well for me I’m afraid.


Hey there,
I too would like to just use the midi connections on the back - IN from the OT for notes and THRU to pass clock and start/stop to the Rytm.

How do I setup the virus to do this please - if I put it into multimode is there anything else I have to do?

Also how do I set up the virus so all sounds get sent to input one?

Thanks in advance.


Re-read the manual and fooled around and got the midi chromatic mode to work:) Think I am going to layer a few of the voices on to three channels then route those to the separate outs.


Has anybody any experience using the virus external audio inputs? I want to use my virus with my machinedrum in a dawless setup running the machinedrum into the virus with the MD sequencing. Would appreciate any help setting this up.


It’s easy to do, I use mine that way as an FX unit.

  • Route MD outputs to Virus inputs

  • Decide which channel/part you will use on the Virus and select it with the part buttons.

  • Press the ‘EDIT’ button until you get to the Inputs screen.

  • Select STATIC in the Inputs box

Using Static will route the inputs through all of the FX section. If you choose Dynamic that means you will have to trigger with a note, but will also then run the audio as an oscillator through the synth engine envelopes and filter etc… I haven’t really used the latter but I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. There is also Atomizer for glitching the audio buffer as a performance tool which can be fun :slight_smile:


Oh and don’t forget to save the preset/Multi, it’s treated as a standard preset and still needs saving the same way as any other if you aren’t using the 1st 16 multis or VC.


No, once you load VC the USB midi out is disabled, the second Midi Output is always enabled I think and just acts as a general hardware Midi out. I’ve never used it but believe that’s how it functions. It’s part of the fact that the TI can be used as a general soundcard/Interface.


Thanks. Do I have to change any settings regarding the midi channel each part receives?


I was writing a track last night with virus as the lead… still blows me away


It’s just the same as using any synth preset except it has audio passing through, choose a Midi channel you aren’t using unless you intend targeting it with CCs or you are using Dynamic Mode (which needs played notes to gate) or Atomizer. Don’t think of it as any different to a synth preset in the sense that those settings are at the preset/part level, not the global level., you just aren’t playing the synth, but still have access to CC controls if you want.

I have a few template presets set up as starting points with STATIC already set up, a few default FX settings and soft knob assignments. It makes an amazing FX unit.


Yip but with a DT…


The Virus TI is still a high end outstanding synth with its own character. I have a Polar
and use it in single mode together with OT and DT, Sirin and TB Base Line.


Any comments on that? Working out well?


Ah, yeh sorry! Its perfect! A great match. There are already alot of modulation possibilities with syncable LFOs inside the Virus that can be plocked with the DT! They work flawlessly together stand alone and on pc the TI software and the current Beta of OB work together just fine. There is a thread somewhere on this forum discussing set configurations and a list of midi cc# that are fun to parameter lock. I will find it and list it here.

The only thing with the DT that is a letdown is that stand alone it monitors the inputs in mono…And the virus outs are very stereo…(by that i mean there is a stereo widener in the fx section) so you either need a mixer or to monitor the DT through the virus inputs if stand alone. If you are using OB thats not a prob.

I cant explain enough what an amazing piece of kit it is and event though digital, sounds great.


Some good info here. For cc# etc

Also by setting up the monomachine through the virus input you would be able to set the MM through a virus input channel, so you would have a triggerable, syncable, automatable dual filters over the mm master out. Extra automatable reverbs, delays, comb filter, vocal filter, digital distortion, bit reduction etc etc that can be applied to the MM outputs. And the MM signal out can be used as a modulation source on other channels of the virus for a vocoder or whatever.