Abusing a Track for Live Input (From Merlins Guide)


OT has to be Master. If slaved, disable Timestretch, add +1 microtiming eventually…


Got this working,many thanks. My OT is always to Ableton, I just tried as the master and it worked fine.


Maybe I missed something you needed…
But I can confirm that what I wrote CAN be done with OT…otherwise in my unit should be there some kind of magic…and it’s a MK.I

As long as you keep that +1 microtimed trig on playback you listen the real time i/c audio and, with some wise programming you can chop and mangle that audio. period.


Does anyone else experienced glitches when selecting another track using this setup? It used to work fine but now unusable because the flex track reading the input sort of freeze when I select another track…


What do you mean by selecting? Focusing on another track?

If that’s the case, not a glitch here. I can dive in menus or selecting whatever without getting differences in the sampling Flex


what OS are you on? I am on 1.30C. I tried earlier with a friend who is on 1.25 and he didn’t have that problem while selecting tracks. I remember it working without any problem in the past


I am on

1.30C MK.I


like @sicijk says - iw owuld be good to clarify what you mean here.

I thought you meant changing the source while the buffer was in use - don’t think i have done that but wouldn’t be suprised if there’s some glitching.

Also how bad a ‘freeze’?


MK1 as well. Thanks. I ll start a blank project and try again. If it works for you it should work for me :slight_smile:


Yeah of course it possible ! You cannot say “impossible” with OT, period. :smile:
You can even Overdub with Flex, OT slaved.
Real time pitch shifting is also possible if you play recordings with lfo on start. :tongue:


To clarify I am on track 5 with flex recording 5 assigned to it recording external source AB.
Both record and playback trigs are on step 1 with a length of 16 steps.

Everything works fine I hear the input in real time and no problem with AB source playback.

When I press to select any another track ( T1, T2 … buttons) it freezes the input like a freeze delay would do…

That’s it.

Nobody else having this issue?


Weird. Sampling is freezed? With what length? Shorter than 16 steps?


I’ve had input freezes while using plays free tracks…?


Go here to see the new machine out that has similar abusing live input
Incoming real-time sampled audio can be timestretched, reversed, high pitched, quantised on the fly

I have purchased a DJS-1000 to compliment the OT2 for above feature


So ? What’s better than Ot?
You can’t realtime reverse with any gear, because you start to from the end of recording…not recorded yet.


exactly my thoughts


Pioneer can realtime reverse–they started doing this on the DJM series of mixers —from DJM-700 onwards . Its one of the roll sampler settings.Anyway key thing is compliment the OT2 not replace it :slight_smile:


“Realtime” reverse has to be delayed.
For a constant reverse on OT, you can use 2 Flex tracks and 2 associated recorders, one bar loop.

T1 : Rec Trig on step 1, Trig on step 9 (Rate - 63)
T2 : Rec Trig on step 9, Trig on step 1 (Rate - 63)

Plocking recordings, you can use only one track (and 2 recorders).


I’m not familair with the roll sampler, but I am assuming you mean “reverse,” as in reverse it from this point backwards.
As you would scrubbing vinyl backwards?


The freeze bug length actually depends on when I press the button to select another track so it is pretty random. Maybe my Octatrack has a problem it seems I am the only one experiencing this. It did happen after upgrading the OS.