About to buy am I going to regret not going digitakt?

Hi I’ve been a lurker for ages and have been pining after electron gear for decades. I still regret. It buying a machine drum when used prices weren’t sky high.

Anyway I keep swinging between getting a model samples and a digitakt. I produce anything from ambient through house and techno to drum and bass. I want tk try something new and get away from a screen. I borrowed a Novato in circuit which I liked but didn’t like the unlabelled encoders and lack of easy sample manipulation.

So the question is will I keep thinking “should I have bought the digitakt?” Help!

Cant speak for the MS but the digitakt is amazing.

That said, if you have been lurking for ages you know what the differences in capabilities will be.

If you feel that you will upgrade eventually, it might be better to buy the DT straight away.

On the other hand, our beautiful cognitive dissonance mechanism will kick in as soon as we have bought something. Meaning that you will convince yourself you have made the right choice no matter what you buy.

Then eventually, the newness of your gear fades and some shiny new object (in this case probably the OT) will grab your attention and the GAS cycle will continue.

Good luck my friend!

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…yes…sounds like u will keep on thinking…keep on asking…keep on hesitating…keep on missing…out.

but both can be catched for reasonable second hand prices…and can be sold again for reasonable prices…so have a look for urself to put an end to ur train of thoughts… find some sonic proove instead of further reasons for further hesitation…start to rock it…

instant fun factor is higher on m:s…deep dive fun and the miracle of sampling comes with the takt…and the bonus of on board swedish sequencing comes with both…

Welcome to the forum. I recently re-bought the M:S and I’ve had DT, OT, and AR in the past. M:S is a great first Elektron device and it’s super hands-on and immediate. The only pain is getting samples on it in the first place via a computer. But, if you carefully select your samples, name them appropriately so you can see them clearly on the limited-character screen, put them in well organised folders, then you won’t have any issues. Then it just a matter of really pushing the box as far as it can go (p-locks, sample-locks) and only upgrading if you’re lacking something the DT has such as dedicated midi tracks, two extra audio tracks, and the ability to sample/resample.


I think the model samples stands on its own, but it really wants to be fed well prepared samples, with stuff like attack baked into a sample. Digitakt gives you more freedom with envelopes and sample start point loop point type stuff, which is really great for letting you adjust samples to your liking on the fly. I wouldn’t say you will regret it as it is just a matter of learning the workflow and making it work for you. Never too late to switch it up if you feel limited by the model samples.


If you look once its happenstance. If you look twice its circumstance. If you look thrice it meant to be. If you can afford it buy it.

I bought a Samples knowing I’d want a Digitakt eventually.

The M:S isn’t really a “little brother” to the Digitakt. The M:S has a few things the Digitakt doesn’t. If I had any memory at all I’d list them here. I believe it was user AdamJay that pointed this out. I’m taking the morning off today so I’ll go have a look about and see if I can find it.

Point being, I was lucky enough to be in a place where I could just keep the M:S and have the Digitakt as well. The M:S doesn’t feel like the ‘lite version’ of the DT when I use it. The M:S feels more like an original Electribe Sample to me (ES-1).

I’ll try to find that thread, brb lol

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This is listing the things the M:S can do that the DT can’t. Rather a list of features packed into the M:S that the DT didn’t get.

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i feel the same, remind the first electribe, not a bad thing…

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Absolutely a good thing : )

yep, very fun to use like the first gen electribe :crazy_face:

Tomato - tomahto. I think we agree here though.

They aren’t the same designs, so the features are indeed different. And being different designs, where different decisions were made, leads users down different creative alleys. That’s the only point.

Sure some features are hardware based (velocity sensitive pads)

Some, like sample slots, are software based and the implementation isn’t really one that could be updated without breaking things or losing features on the DT (where the sample slots are midi based).

And others are DSP based (filter designs). Perhaps DT could get that as a tried filter option?

I got tracks and performances out of my MS that I never could have got out of 6 tracks for DT. And vice versa. :grinning:


You should try the M:S before buying if you can. I found the velocity-sensitive pads on the M:C difficult to work with, so went for the Digitakt.

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Well I’ve dipped my toes in and have just bought a used m:s in great condition. I’m really looking forward to it turning up. I want to jam away from a laptop so having less screen and menu diving is a good thing and I can see how I get on. I’m thinking if I get in with it I might add a model cycles next.


Nice. Time to get your samples ready then! I’m really appreciating the little things right now (compared to the other Elektron samplers) like having the delay always on the same knob. Enjoy!

I have both. I bought the MS first and then the Digitakt. I really like the Transfer-Samples app for the MS, but haven’t tried it on the Digitakt yet. I’m thinking of keeping both samplers because of the sequencer of the MS. Where am I going to find a better sequencer for the price? But, admittedly I really haven’t used the MS much since I got the Digitakt.

It might actually seem counter intuitive but I really like the Samples for “one box” type projects. I prefer using the Digitakt with other gear.

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Get the digitakt - so much better, consider it an investment in your passion…

Might seem like a bit of hyperbole here but I think the Digitakt is one of the best samplers/drum machines ever made.

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Bit late for that tip! I have no hardware these days - in the past I had an MC303 in 96 then a RM1X, various bits of Novation gear, a Roland JV1010 - I even sequenced from an Alesis MMT 8 at one point.

I think keeping things limited in one box will be just right for me and I can always run audio into Bitwig or Logic.